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PowerWash Simulator: How To Get More Money

Looking to buy expensive or better equipment? This is how to get more money in PowerWash Simulator.

While there is no doubt that PowerWash Simulator comes as a relief to the typical grinding games. The game still packs a lot of fun for its players. The chance of cleaning dirt off different surfaces gives a sense of satisfaction and relaxation. While the objectives are simple, you still need to buy items and upgrade equipment to do a better job. All that will require you to earn money in the game. We recommend you check out this guide if you are wondering how to get more money in PowerWash Simulator.

How to Get More Money in PowerWash Simulator

Since equipment won’t come free, you need to get more money in PowerWash Simulator. You cannot even skip getting better equipment since all levels are different. You even have to spend money to get soap and refill it in the game. While there is no fast way to get more money, so what is the most effective way? All the answers you need are right here.

Avoid Using Soap in PowerWash Simulator

Avoid Soap PowerWash Simulator

Most players make this common mistake of getting soap quite early in the game. You need to get better equipment before you can start using soap. A soap costs between 10-15$ and when you use it where you do not need it in PowerWash Simulator, you end up losing money. We recommend you use soap if you have better gear than the ones you start with. This will save your money and in turn will get you more money in PowerWash Simulator.

Avoid Unnecessary Equipment Purchase

Since it is already quite clear, the best way to get more money in PowerWash Simulator is to save money. Players make mistakes of purchasing equipment like short extensions and nozzles that are practically useless. They without doubt end up losing more money instead of saving. We recommend that you majorly go for long extensions and turbo nozzles in the game. While they will still cost you, the money will be well spent keeping the future in mind.

Select Vehicle Wash in PowerWash Simulator

PowerWash Simulator Get More Money

While people certainly are attracted by big-money jobs, vehicles are the ones that give the best return on investment. The time consumed in cleaning a vehicle is very less compared to a big project. You can effectively get way more money by focusing on cleaning vehicles in PowerWash Simulator. Additionally, by the time you clean one big project, you can clean more than one vehicle. It also requires less equipment and thus saves more money.

Clean Large or Flat Areas First

Big projects are slow and frustrating when it comes to progress. While the major money area in the objective lies in flat and large surfaces, most players fail to target these in the first go. When you go for the large or flat areas first, you are cleaning a big chunk of the objective and also making the work easier and faster. For people who are targeting more money, this is one of the best tips you can get in the game.

That’s all you need on how to get More Money in PowerWash Simulator. While you are here, make sure you check out other PowerWash Simulator guides, tips, and tricks at Gamer Tweak.