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How To Have More Beast Species In Hogwarts Legacy

Learn how to hold and have more beasts and more species in your inventory in Hogwarts Legacy.

Having lots of pets around is a great thing to have, but are you wondering how to have even more types of species in Hogwarts Legacy? The game offers a variety of different beast species. From small ones to the huge ones, from the cute ones to the ferocious ones. You can never get enough of the sheer quantity of different types. Not only that but they also come in various colors and other details that make them unique as your pet. It is a dream come true for an animal lover. This guide will show you how to keep different kinds of species so you never have to let go of your adorable little pets.

How to have More kinds of Beast Species in Hogwarts Legacy

how to have more species hogwarts legacy

First, you need to unlock the Vivarium. This is done in the quest The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom. Once you know how to properly tame and capture beasts, you can start adding them to this Vivarium. Soon you will find out that this Vivarium can have 12 beasts but it can only have 4 different types of species. But this limit of 4 species only applies to a given room within the Vivarium.

You can unlock 3 more rooms, each with a different themed setting. These rooms can be unlocked by doing certain side quests. Once you unlock additional rooms, you will be able to keep more types of species by using these other rooms once one is full.

How to unlock additional rooms in Vivarium

how to have more species hogwarts legacy

There are 3 different rooms besides the original default one that you can unlock. These are unlocked through the following side quests.

  • Swamp Vivarium: Can be unlocked after completing the “Foal of the Dead” side quest.
  • Grassland Mewdow Vivarium: Can be unlocked after completing the “Phoenix Rising” side quest.
  • Coastal Vivairum: Can be unlocked after completing “The Plight of the House-Elf” side quest.

That is how you can have more species in your Vivarium in Hogwarts Legacy. For more related content, check out our other articles like how to grow plants faster and how to get a unicorn in Hogwarts Legacy.