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How To Upgrade The Vivarium In Hogwarts Legacy

Keep your precious beasts all cozy and comfortable by learning how to expand your Vivarium in Hogwarts Legacy.

If you are only starting out in Hogwarts Legacy, you may not know what a Vivarium is or how to expand it. Don’t worry, as this guide will get you up to speed on everything. Make sure you have progressed to the point where you have unlocked the Room of Requirement and the Vivarium within it.

What is Vivarium?

While exploring the Wizarding World of Hogwarts Legacy, you might have spotted many beasts that are not hostile. These are beasts that can be tamed and kept as your own pets. Once you have progressed enough you will have unlocked things like Beast Feed, Brush, and the Nab-Sack which are all used for capturing and grooming your Beasts. Taking good care of your beasts gives you rare materials that can be used to upgrade your gear.

After you tame and capture your desired Beasts, you will need a place to release them. This is where the Vivarium comes in. It is a safe place for your beasts to reside and roam around freely.

So you have unlocked the Vivarium in the Room of requirement but how do you exactly make efficient use of it? Let’s take a look at how to upgrade and expand it.

How to Upgrade and Expand Vivarium in Hogwarts Legacy

how to expand vivarium hogwarts legacy

In order to upgrade and expand your vivarium you will need to progress further into the story. Every Vivarium room can hold up to 12 beasts in it but only 4 types of species. That means that after unlocking the Vivairum initially, you will be able to keep 12. You cant add more beasts to it until you progress further and unlock more rooms. There are 3 more rooms that you can unlock, lets’s learn when and how you can unlock these in order to expand your Vivarium.

  • Swamp Vivarium: Can be unlocked after completing the “Foal of the Dead” side quest.
  • Grassland Mewdow Vivarium: Can be unlocked after completing the “Phoenix Rising” side quest.
  • Coastal Vivairum: Can be unlocked after completing “The Plight of the House-Elf” side quest.

This is how you can upgrade and expand your Vivarium inside the Room of Requirement. For more Hogwarts Legacy content, check out our other articles like can side quests disappear? and how to cast Petrificus Totalus.