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Hogwarts Legacy Beast Guide – Full List Of Beasts (Breed & Tame)

Here's a guide with the full list of Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy.

Looking for the full list of beasts and magical creatures you may encounter in Hogwarts Legacy? Then you are at the right place as this guide is all you need. As a fan of the books and movies that started it all, the list of beasts is quite interesting. Although the game takes place years before the events that take place in Harry Potter, there will certainly be something familiar for you. Since you can rescue and befriend numerous beasts, it would be better if you know what to look forward to. Of course, there will be updates and we might even see more magical creatures of the wizarding world, and we will update this beast guide when that happens.

Are there Fantastic Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy?

Full List of Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy

Well, you might not meet Newt Scamander, but there will be a lot of creatures that you may have met in the Fantastic Beasts series. Starting with one of the fan favorites, Niffler. You will get to rescue and pet the pocket thief who is attracted by shiny objects. Well, there is a lot for you to look forward to. In the meanwhile, here is the full list of beasts in Hogwarts Legacy.

  • Graphorn
  • Mooncalf
  • Niffler
  • Kneazle
  • Trolls
  • Acromantulas
  • Hippogriffs
  • Thestrals
  • Centaurs
  • Dragons
  • Horklumps
  • Fwooper
  • Inferi

While they are available at the time of writing, there might be more that will be unlocked further and we will update this guide soon.

How to Breed Beasts for Gold in Hogwarts Legacy

Since you can breed a lot of these beasts, gold farming becomes significantly easier. So if you are ready to breed some beasts and then sell them, you will need the following things in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Firstly, complete the Plight of the House Elf and then continue with the story till you reach Winter. Make sure you have unlocked the Room of Requirement and then head back to Deek to start the side quest Foal of the Dead.
  • Now you will have to visit Tomes and Scolls and purchase a Breeding Pen Spellcraft for 1000 Gold. So make sure you are saving up some fortune if you want the beasts to breed and generate you a nice income in Hogwarts Legacy.
  • Next, you will have to complete the task of nabbing a male and female Thestral.
  • Once you have done all these, head back to Deek and then the Room of Requirement will have a place for the Thestral to breed.
  • Now conjure up a breeding pen here and then select the Thestrals. It will take 30 minutes and you will soon get a Thestral offspring. Head over to Brood and Peck in Hogsmeade with the offspring to sell it for 120 Gold.
  • You can simply rinse and repeat the process with multiple creatures.

How to Tame Beasts

Now that breeding is something that you know, let’s check out how you can tame them. You will be taught how to tame most magical creatures by Poppy Sweeting during the Beasts Class quest. The two most important things you need are, the Beast Petting Brush and Beast Feed in order to tame beasts in Hogwarts Legacy.

That’s all there is from this Hogwarts Legacy beast guide. While you are here, make sure you check out our other Hogwarts Legacy guides right here at Gamer Tweak.