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Xenoblade Chronicles 3: All Monster Types

Check out our guide to find out all the monster types in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is the most recent video game and the successor to the sequel in the series. It’s an action RPG that features the respective futures shown in the predecessor games. As monsters are the core gameplay elements, you will encounter them as soon as you begin with the game. With the launch of XC 3, there’s also an addition of several types of monsters. So, here’s our guide that explains all the Monster types in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

All Monster Types in Xenoblade Chronicles 3


There are four types of monsters that you will encounter as you progress in the XC 3. These are Normal, Elite, Unique, and Lucky types of Monsters. Aside from Normal-type monsters, all the monsters have a visual cue above their heads.

Let’s look into all these Monster types in more detail:

Normal Monsters


You will encounter these monsters pretty early in the game. Normal Monsters neither have a visual cue nor any enhanced strength buff. So, it will be pretty easy to defeat them with a balanced party or solo. If you are on the same level as these monsters, you can take them down more easily.

Elite Monsters

These monsters are comparably stronger and more buffed than Normal ones. Elite Monsters have a blue icon or markings above their heads with their level. You can also find a blue visual cue on the sides of their health bar. If their level is significantly higher, we suggest don’t engage with these Monsters.


Unique Monsters

Unlike the above monsters that can be challenged on the same level, defeating unique monsters can be intensely tougher. These monsters have an orange icon over their heads and the sides of their health bar. To defeat them, you need a balanced team with a detailed strategy. Alternatively, you can also fight them when you are stronger and leveled-up higher.

xenoblade chronicles 3 all monster types
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Lucky Monsters

While the Lucky monsters are not tougher than the Unique ones, they are extremely lucky. These monsters have a few sparkles on the sides of the health bar and over their heads. So, why are they called Lucky? Because these monsters reward you with guaranteed better drops as you defeat them.

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