How To Get Magna Ghostprisms In Monster Hunter Rise

Find out how to get Magna Ghostprisms in MH Rise

Magna Ghostprisms are an important resource in Monster Hunter Rise. They are necessary for crafting armor. The game describes it as, “A gaseous crystal that emits flammable gas resembling dancing purple flames”. Magna Ghostprims drop from the Magnamalo monster in MHR. The Magnamalo is one of the toughest monsters you face in the game. They are available in various ways after defeating a Magnamalo. In this guide, we tell you how to get Magna Ghostprisms in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to get Magna Ghostprisms in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise Magna Ghostprisms
Defeat the Magnalomo monster to get this important resource.
  • The best method to get Magna Ghostprims is by defeating Magnamalo.
  • Magna Ghostprisms have a 16% drop chance upon beating Magnamalo.
  • If you break Magnamalo’s back there is a 20% chance of getting it.
  • Carving the body has a 26% drop chance.
  • During the fight, there is a 30% drop chance for Magna Ghostprism.
  • There is a possibility you can get 2 Magna Ghostprisms in one drop.
  • Magnamalo spawns in Shrine Ruins, Frost Islands, and Lava Caverns.
  • After defeating Magnamalo you can even get a special weapon.
  • The best way to farm Magna Ghostprisms is to go on a quest specifically requesting Magnamalo.
  • This increases your drop chances.
  • Since this fight is a 5-star fight there are more chances of getting rare resources.

The Magna Ghostprims are primarily used in making the Sinister series of Armor, Armor sets, and Weapons. Combined with other parts of the Magnamalo such as the plates allow you to craft unique armor sets.

Items that use Magna Ghostprisms


  • Sinister Tassets
  • Sinister Greaves

Armor Sets:

  • Sinister Set


  • Sinister Blade I
  • Sinister Long Sword I


  • Bomber Jewel 1

This is everything you need to know about how to get Magna Ghostprisms in Monster Hunter Rise. While you are here do not miss out on some of our other guides about where to find Rock Roses or where to find Speartuna.