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Monster Hunter Rise: How to get the Fertile Mud?

Here’s how you can get your hands on the Fertile Mud.

Following the footsteps of, its predecessors Monster hunter Rise not only offers new weapons but also other cool resources like the Desert roses and the Fertile Mud. These resources increase the competitiveness of the game as some of these are initially with the baddies and players have to earn them, The Fertile Mud is one such resource, and getting it is no joke so read along to know how to get your hands on the Fertile Mud.

How to get the Fertile Mud in MHR?


Monster Hunter rise Barroth

Fertile Mud is what is keeping you from kicking that Barroth’s but*. Barroths are those monsters you find in dirt, they have Fertile Mud all over them which makes them a bit difficult to beat but once you start attacking them they start shedding the Fertile Mud. Be alert and look around while dishing those attacks and pick up all shiny things as there is a 35% chance it might be the Fertile Mud.

Players should be aware that even though Barroths are the only source of Fertile Mud in the game, not all Barroths shed the same. Only low-level Barroths shed the Fertile Mud so if you are too far into the game and wondering why you aren’t getting it, then it’s due to the level of the monster. Only low-level Barroths shed it and you will have to start low-rank missions to hunt them. Even though there is a slight chance you might get the Fertile Mud as a capture reward but getting it from Barroths is more efficient.


The Fertile Mud apart from being a great armor allows players to take in a lot of hits. It can also be used to upgrade weapons like the Barroth Anchor and the Carpace mace so don’t forget to keep an eye out for shiny objects while fighting those Barroths.

That’s all for this guide but for more tips and tricks to be ahead of the game do check important guides like how to heal or recover stamina,