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Monster Hunter Rise: What Is Affinity?

Here's all about is Affinity in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise).

Weapons in Monster Hunter Rise have an Affinity stat, which can be positive or negative depending on the weapon. It can seem obvious, such as avoiding equipment with negative Affinity. That’s not the case. Affinity is one of many stats that influence weapon damage, and perhaps a weapon with negative Affinity may do more damage in total than one with positive Affinity, depends on the other stats. It, like so many other topics in MH Rise, may be puzzling due to a lack of explanation. So let’s look at what is Affinity in Monster Hunter Rise.

What is Affinity in Monster Hunter Rise?


Affinity is MH Rise’s take on Critical Chance, which decides the probability of landing a critical physical attack. The probability of doing this extra damage is shown as a percentage for each weapon’s Affinity stat. When your affinity is in positive percentage, you will have a better chance of landing a critical hit, which deals far more harm to a monster than a regular hit. Your chances of performing weaker hits rise if your affinity is negative. A critical hit deals 25% more damage, while a low attack caused by negative Affinity in MH Rise does 25% less damage.

Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) What Is Affinity

Since Affinity strikes from your attacks do not involve the damage estimate for elemental attacks, Affinity does not contribute to Elemental Damage. You must have the Armor Skill called Crit Element equipped, for Affinity to contribute to Elemental Damage. As a result, elemental attacks will be able to do critical strikes too.


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