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Elden Ring – What Does Mohg Great Rune Do?

Here's our guide that explains what does Mohg Great Rune do in Elden Ring.

While many bosses are demi-gods, Mohg is one of the most sinister out of them in Elden Ring. He is a twin brother of Morgott and an extremely challenging boss to fight with. When you defeat this powerful Omen boss, it drops a Great Rune like the other bosses. Many players are confused about the purpose of this Great rune as it does not offer any buffs yet consume some HP. So, here’s our guide that explains what does the Mohg Great rune does in Elden Ring.

What Does the Mohg Great Rune do in Elden Ring?


  • This Great rune’s use is slightly confusing than the other Great runes. If you are expecting an incredible buff, this might not be what you are expecting.
  • That is because it neither offers buffs nor debuffs yet consumes your HP.
  • But what does it do? It buffs the summoned phantoms or players.
  • Be it the invaders or the summoned players to your aid, it offers buffs to all the NPCs around you. In addition to that, it can also buff your summoned spirits.
  • You can get a portion or all of the consumed HP back if one of the buffed NPC defeats an enemy.
  • As it can offer powerful buffs to your nearby enemies, be careful while using it.
  • While it does not make sense to use it for enemies, you can use this Great rune to boost your summoned spirits and friends.
  • Using this Great rune is entrusting your HP upon the NPCs and friends to defeat your opponents.
elden ring mohg great rune
Image Source – Valentin’s Tarnished Training Camp on YouTube.
  • If you want to spice things up, you can use it to make your nearby opponents stronger.
  • After you defeat Mohg, you will acquire Mohg’s Great Rune. If you don’t know how to use a Great rune, check out our guide on how to equip great runes.


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