How To Mod Fallout New Vegas

Make the game your own with this guide on how to mod Fallout New Vegas.

More than a decade since its release, Fallout New Vegas is still the golden standard for RPG games. Set in a future of endless nuclear winter, you play as the Courier traveling the wasteland. The game is filled with quests and unique locations that will keep players engaged for hours. A true sandbox experience where you can make your own choices, the game is must play for any RPG fan. Just like any popular game, New Vegas too has a plethora of mods that you can install on your PC. These mods will not add some needed quality-of-life improvements but many of them are full-fledged quests and stories themselves. Let’s take a look at how to install mods in fallout New Vegas.

How to Install Mods Fallout New Vegas

how to mod fallout new vegas
Fallout New Vegas might be a masterpiece, but it is also one of the most unstable games you can play. So before you install any massive game-changing Mods, you’ll have to install some Performance fixes and Patch Mods to the game. The first thing you’ll need to do is update your Windows by downloading the latest version of Microsoft Visual C++. Click on the link here and download Visual Studio 2015 and 2013 for your version of Windows(64 or 86-bit). Also, click here to download the DirectX End-User Web Installer. Complete the installation process for all three applications and restart your PC.

Now you’ll need to download these essential Mods

  1. Fallout New Vegas 4 GB Patch – Lets the game use 4GB of VRAM instead of the base game’s 2GB
  2. New Vegas Script Extender – The most important mod on the list, a majority of mods require this to be preinstalled.
  3. New Vegas Anti-Crash – Stops the game from crashing

All these Mods need to be installed in the Fallout New Vegas game folder on your PC.
For a more detailed guide, check out this video.

That’s all we have on how to mod Fallout New Vegas. Once you’re done check out our list of the Best Fallout New Vegas Mods you can now download and play.