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Best Fallout: New Vegas mods (List of Top 10 Mods)

Here is a list of the best Fallout: New Vegas mods.

Fallout: New Vegas has bagged a couple of awards and nominations which is not surprising given the commercial success of this action role-playing open-world game. Set in 2281 with a post-apocalyptic vibe, you take on the character of Courier who survives a near-death attack. Surviving the attack, he sets on a journey for revenge and the recovery of the package. The setup revolves around Arizona, California, and Nevada feels. Players will find themselves far from reality submerging themselves in the Fallout world once they get playing. The game is accessible on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. The game in itself is a complete package however these mods will prove to be a great add-on to your gaming experience. Below listed are the Best Fallout: New Vegas mods (List of Top 10 Mods) for as said in Nevada, a hog-killin’ time!

Best 10 Fallout: New Vegas mods of all time


Let the countdown for the best mods of all time begin.

10. Fallout New Vegas Redesigned 2

redesign 3 mod Best Fallout: New Vegas mods (List of Top 10 Mods)
The environment in the game is very dark capturing the essence of devastation, loss, and sadness. The faces modeled in the game approve that. This NVR 2 mod attempts and succeeds to bring realism and a hope of life to these faces. It fixes certain visual structures of the character making it look more realistic and gets the game more lively to play and interact with other characters too. The whole gameplay gets more expressive this way and the players can understand and live the true emotions that their character is going through which is vital for playing Fallout.


9. FXAA Injector Fallout New Vegas

injector mod
Another mod to change your gameplay visually is FXAA Injector Fallout New Vegas. The mod targets changing the tone of the environment by modding the light, saturation, and color settings among others. From the cowboy bars to the deserted cactus-filled wastelands, the mod will enhance everything transporting you straight to the true Fallout world. Every detail becomes more clearer and crisp.

8. Project Nevada


project nevada Best Fallout: New Vegas mods (List of Top 10 Mods)

Project Nevada is one of those mods that has been around for a while and is been on the favorites list of most of the players. From all kinds of helmets that provide night visions, thermal visions, etc to giving you hand grenades, the mod has it all. It basically acts as a survival kit upgrade for your character with numerous weapon mods to extra essentials. The mod comes with two main files namely core and cybernetics. Cybernetics gives you a number of implants giving you superhuman-like abilities which we think is pretty neat. This is probably the most downloaded Fallout: New Vegas mods.

7. Unlimited Companions


unlimited companions mod
This mod does exactly what it says, provides unlimited companions for your character. It works with vanilla as well as non-vanilla companions. You can also put an upper limit to the number of companions that you have. The quality is the same as in-game default companion and it looks pretty cool to have a gang of your own to fight the crimes and become a leader.

6. EVE – Essential Visual Enhancements

eve essentials Best Fallout: New Vegas mods (List of Top 10 Mods)

Say howdy to EVE who has all kinds of visual effects under its umbrella. Starting from custom HD weapon impacts to critical kill scenes from energy weapons, the mod completely revamps the attack impacts and styles. The energy lights on the explosions are a personal favorite. The attention to detail is immense making the game lit, possibly literally. This definitely comes under one of our must-have mods for Fallout: New Vegas mods.

5. The Living Desert

living dessert mod
Mojave Wasteland might seem too lonely at times with barren land as far as sight goes. Some players may want some company you know. The Living Dessert mod will give you that. They will not just give you company, they will also interact with you and react to the choices you make throughout the game. Hundreds of NPCs will also be seen on the roads in addition to several scripted events that the mod will provide. All we are saying is, get the party started already!

4. Monster Mod

monster mod
For those who are not irked by the monsters that the game provides, we got you covered as well. From about 130 never seen before creatures, the players will never get bored of looking at the same creatures as enemies. Some of these also carry their own unique gun and each one of them has its own unique stats. A good thing about this mod is that though the spawn chance is set to max, the number of spawns is low and the respawn rate is set on 2 days which does not overload your game.

3. Wasteland Defense

wasteland defense mod
Imagine you could create your own little world in the wasteland and be its guardian without collecting numerous resources. Well, that can be a reality with this mod that allows you to create your own little town midst the wastelands. Create your own base and guards to protect it with this mod. It can be very interesting as you have your own pet project going on within your gameplay. This gives a personal touch and you have your little humble abode and stuff as gameplay.

2. A World Of Pain

a world of pain mod
The game can be unnerving for many, but there seem to be relatively more amount of players who need that extra kick by fighting more enemies and looting more than what the game provides by default. Here is a dose of your adrenaline rush for all those who want more encounters. The mod adds about 170 new locations to the wastelands with not just more enemies, but more loots, quests, and interactive characters as well. Discover new weapons and extended gameplay with more possibilities than before with this mod. The players can do so much more.

1. Uncut Wasteland

wasteland uncut mod
Making it on the number 1 position of our Best Fallout: New Vegas mods (List of Top 10 Mods), The Uncut Wasteland mod is one of its kind. The released game had a lot of smaller details patched out of the game and several scenic views had been out the windows post-release due to crashing problems. Those who want a full-fledged experience of the original game without the missing things would want this mod installed. It brings back all the missing pieces of the game that you didn’t know you needed and gets one big complete picture that just feels right. The original essence of the game feels like it has been restored making it the best and one of the most downloaded ones of Fallout: New Vegas mods.

To sum up, the above are the mods that will completely upgrade Fallout and change your entire gaming experience. So that is all about our Best Fallout: New Vegas mods (List of Top 10 Mods of all time) that will change your gaming experience for good. If you wish to know some cunning cheat codes for Fallout: New Vegas and the God mode, check out that article here.