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Fallout: New Vegas Console Commands, Cheat Codes & God Mode (2023)

Here's a complete list of all the best console commands, cheats and item codes in Fallout: New Vegas.

Are you looking for an updated list of Fallout: New Vegas console commands? If your answer is in affirmative then you have come to the right place. In order to open console commands, you need to tap the backquote (‘) or tlide (~) key.


When you do so, the game will pause and UI will disappear and you will see a cursor appearing on the bottom left-hand corner of your computer screen. That’s the place where you will have to put Fallout: New Vegan console commands. Once you input the command, press enter. You might see a message popping up on your screen telling what your console command did, but it might not appear at sometimes. Now, press the tilde key.

The best Fallout: New Vegas console commands (January 2023)

tgm — God mode! Infinite health, unlimited ammo and encumbrance.

tdm — Demigod mode. Health and encumbrance is infinite, but ammo isn’t.


tfc — Activates and deactivates the free camera.

tm — Turns menus and UI off and on.


tcl — No clipping or collision, letting you move around like a ghost.

tmm 1 — Adds all map markers to your map. Use 0 to remove them.


set timescale to <#>  — Speeds up or slows downtime. The default value is 30.

Killall — All NPCs and animals in the vicinity die, you monster.

Give yourself items

The game provides an option to summon monsters and move items into your inventory with the help of Fallout: New Vegas Console commands. There is a small process involved, becuase you need an object or creature’s ID to be able to summon it.

player.additem <base_id> <amount>
 — Switch in the object ID for the <base_id> (no need to keep the brackets, and the number of the item you want for the <amount>. It should look like this.

Example: player.additem 0015FD5C 1

Congratulations, you now have a suit of Chinese Stealth Armour.

player.removeitem <base_id> <amount> — Same as above, but the items you identify will be removed from your inventory and obliterated forever.

player.showinventory — Gives you a handy list of base IDs for stuff you possess. Might be quicker than visiting the wiki for numbers in some situations.

Useful item codes

There are tons of item codes in Fallout: New Vegas but using the following weapons and armours are recommended if you are just messing around. Notably, items with an XX in them ID are from expansions and might not work unless you have expansion installed.


Lucky revolver 000e2c86
Mysterious Magnum 00127c6c
Li’l Devil pistol xx000805
Anti-materiel Rifle 0008f21c
Assault Carbine (GRA) 0008f21e
Christine’s CoS silencer rifle xx0112ba
Silenced .22 SMG 0008f218
Sturdy Caravan Shotgun 001735e3
Minigun 0000433f
Alien blaster 00004322
Euclid’s C-Finder 0014eb3c
Pew Pew laser rifle 00103b1d
Flamer 0000432d
Plasma caster 000906cf
Tesla cannon 000e2bec
Fat Man 0000432c
Mercy 0015fff4
Missile launcher 00004340
Chainsaw 0015fe44
Power Fist 00004347


Brotherhood T-45b power armour 00075201
T45d power armour 00014e13
Combat armour, reinforced 00126500
NCR Ranger combat armour 00129254
Stealth Suit Mk II xx00c12f
Advanced Radiation suit 0003307a

Alter yourself

player.setscale <scale> — 1 is normal. Numbers below that will shrink you. Number above that will make you massive. You don’t need the <> brackets around the number.

player.setlevel X — Where X is the level you want to be.

player.rewardxp 15000 — Gives you 15,000 XP.

sexchange — Changes your sex.

showracemenu — Change your race.

showbarbermenu — Change your hairstyle.

shownamemenu — Change your name.

player.addperk <base_id> — Give yourself a perk. Replace the <base_id> with the ID for the perk you want and drop the <> brackets.

player.removeperk <base_id> — Take the ID’d perk away.

player.setav speedmult X — Where X is your speed percentage. At 100 you move at normal speed, at 10 you move really slowly, and at 200 you go very, very fast.

addreputation <base_ID> <0/1 to add infamy/fame> <amount> — Replace <base_ID> with one of the codes below. Select 1 to add reputation; select 0 to add infamy. Then replace <amount> with the amount of rep you want to add or remove. You can only add 5 rep at a time, to a maximum of 100 total.

Example: addreputation 0011e662 1 5     — earn 5 fame with the Brotherhood of Steel.

Boomers 000ffae8
Brotherhood of Steel 0011e662
Caesar’s Legion 000f43dd
Followers of the Apocalypse 00124ad1
Great Khans 0011989b
Powder Gangers 001558e6
NCR 000f43de
White Glove Society 00116f16

removereputation <base_ID> <0/1 to set infamy/fame> <amount> — Same deal as addreputation, except the amount you set will be subtracted from your rep with the specified faction.

Mess with NPCs

resurrect — Brings an NPC back to life. This won’t help with quest completion but if you killed someone by accident, you bend the rules of the universe to bring them back.

tdetect — Switch NPC player detection off or on. This gives you perfect stealth.

addtofaction <factionID> <0/1> — Replace the <factionID> with one of the codes below, and then select 0 if you want the targeted NPC to be friendly with that faction. Select 1 if you want them to be allied with that faction.

Example: addtofaction 0011e662 1   — Adds targeted NPC to the Brotherhood of Steel as an ally.

Player’s current faction 1b2a4
Brotherhood of Steel 0011e662
Caesar’s Legion 000f43dd
Followers of the Apocalypse 00124ad1
Great Khans 0011989b
Powder Gangers 001558e6
NCR 000f43de
White Glove Society 00116f16

removefromfaction <factionID> — Similar to the addtofaction command, insert the factionID to remove the NPC from that faction.

tcai — Turn off the all NPCs’ combat AI so they don’t fight.

tai — Toggle targeted NPC’s AI off.

Freecam, disable HUD, NoClip and more

tfc — Toggle free cam. Add a 1 after tfc to also freeze everyone in the scene. This is good for taking dramatic screenshots.

sgtm <X> — Where X is how fast time moves. It’s a multiplier so 1 is normal speed, 0.5 is half speed, and so on.

tcl — Noclip mode.

twf — Wireframe toggle.

tm — Switch HUD on and off.

tmm <1/0> — Type 1 to show discovered map markers, 0 to hide them. Type tmm 101 to reveal all markers, even undiscovered ones.

tfow — Switch local fog of war on or off.

movetoqt — Moves you to next quest target.

coc <cell name> — Moves you to a location.

caqs — Completes every objective in every quest it’s possible to receive in the game, essentially removing quests so you can wander without objectives