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9 Ways To Earn Battle Points In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Fast

Here are all the ways to get BP in MLBB quickly.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has by now surely got you hooked if you are searching for this article. The game features some amazing characters and to unlock them you need Battle Points. BPs can be acquired from numerous sources which we will cover in this list below. So here are all the ways that you can earn Battle Points (BP) in Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB).

How to Get Battle Points (BPs) in Mobile Legends Bang Bang?


Follow the below suggestions to get BP in MLBB quickly.


Claim Daily Login Rewards


Every once in a while, your login rewards are sure to give you some BPs. There are two login rewards namely Surprising Battle Points Bundle and Mystery Pack that contain Battle Points.

Clear Daily Tasks and Weekly Quests

Continuously keep participating in the quests that are assigned. You can earn plenty of Battle Points in MLBB just by completing the tasks and progressing the game.


Free Chests and Medal Chests

Make sure you open your free chests and medal chests in time to get Battle Points In Mobile Legends. The free Chests are available every 4 hours and can be stacked up to 2 times before you lose them. Medal Chests are unlocked after continuous participation in the battles. These chests are then available after every 12 hours.

Maintain a Decent Credit Score


An overall good credit score will give you additional BP in the game. The more the credit score, the more the reward limit increases within the game. Essentially 90 or above credit score will give you bonus BPs

Lucky Spin to earn Battle Points in MLBB

If you are feeling lucky and think that luck is on your side, you will get BPs in the Lucky Spin. Now purely luck-based, there is still a chance that you can and some Battle Points in a few spins.

Use Double Battle Point Cards

Double Battle Points cards will double the BP that you gain after every match in Mobile Legends. These cards can come in various forms like a 1-day card, 3-day card, etc.

Complete Your Achievements

MLBB has a number of achievements to complete from. These achievements generally reward you with BPs. It will also help you to progress in the game and earn BP in MLBB along the way That’s two birds from one shot.

Sell Unwanted Inventory earn Battle points in MLBB

Your inventory can sometimes pile up with resources that do not particularly help your heroes much. You can simply sell these Items in exchange for a few BPs. Now mind you not all your inventory items will give you BPs in return, only selective do. Rest can be sold for other resources.

Mail Rewards

Your in-game mails get you plenty of rewards if you open and read them. These rewards are sent by the game along with some message about the game development, new features, etc. So keep checking your mail from time to time.

So that is all for our guide on how to earn Battle Points in Mobile Legends Bang Bang.  If you would like to know how to defeat Orpheus in Bravely 2, make sure you check that article too.