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How To Unlock MLB The Show 21 3rd Innings Boss

MLB The Show 21 3rd Innings Boss; Find out how to unlock the Grady Sizemore 97 OVR card by completing the third innings program.

MLB The Show 21 recently introduced a new 3rd Inning Boss in the form of Grady Sizemore. If previous iterations are anything to go by, a couple more bosses will be added in the coming days. For now, we get a 97 OVR rated Grady Sizemore card. This card is reminiscent of Sizemore’s 2008 season. So, let’s find out how to get this player card in MLB.

How to get Grady Sizemore the 3rd Inning Boss in MLB The Show 21


MLB The Show 21 3rd Innings Boss: How To Unlock

  • To get Grady Sizemore, the Third Inning Boss you will have to complete the Third Inning Program.
  • Go to the Programs section in the Main Menu of the game.
  • Here you will see a Third Innings tab once you open the Programs Section.
  • Now, scroll and you will see a title saying ‘3rd innings tasks’.
  • View all the tasks and keep completing them quickly.
  • Once you complete them you will get a chance to get all the third innings bosses.
  • Doing so will also get you a ton of XP which is important to get the Inning Bosses in MLB The Show 21.

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As soon as the in-game updates come through make sure you keep slogging at it as there is no other way to get this player card. A 97 OVR card will definitely be a good addition to your Diamond Dynasty lineup. Alternatively, you can even purchase the ballplayer from the market, but that will take some time and cost you many Stubs.

The update for the new 3rd Inning Boss came via The Lead Off, which is a podcast series for The Show 21. Check it out below.


This is everything you need to know about how to unlock and get Grady Sizemore, the third inning boss in MLB The Show 21. Now that you are here make sure you check out the interlinked MLB The Show 21 Wiki to learn more about the game.