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How To Get Stubs In MLB The Show 21

Find out how you can get Stubs in MLB The Show 21.

Stubs is the in-game currency in MLB The Show 21. Stubs are very important to purchase packs and various other items in the game. You can use Stubs to purchase various players from the Marketplace as well. So, scroll down and read below to know how to get Stubs in MLB The Show 21.

How to Earn Stubs in MLB The Show 21


MLB The Show 21: How To Get Stubs
Use Stubs to purchase players and items.

There are various ways to earn Stubs in the game. You can do it either by earning Stubs by completing missions and collections in MLB. Or, you can go down the microtransactions route and burn a hole in your savings.

Completing Daily Missions and Moments to earn Stubs


Completing Daily Missions in the Diamond Dynasty are a surefire way to earn Stubs regularly. As the name suggests there will be Daily Missions that will be updated on a daily basis. Moments can be replayed at times allowing you to go over them again and again to farm Stubs.

Complete Programs to earn Stubs in MLB

Completing Programs is the best way to get Stubs in the game. All the Programs have certain rewards at frequent intervals. These are quite large rewards and you can even get other items as part of these rewards. Stubs are frequent rewards and are doled out in good quantity too.


How to get Stubs by completing Conquest in MLB

The Conquest maps have hidden rewards in them. There are good chances of you getting Stubs by completing Conquests. Completing the Conquest is also a pretty good way to farm for XP. There are various other rewards you can earn as part of Conquests in MLB.

Earn Stubs by selling excess players in the Marketplace


It is a good idea to sell off excess players you get in the market. They are not much worth anyway just lying around your team unused. It’s a good idea to wait a couple of weeks before you sell them off so that you can get a higher price as the market usually rises. You can even sell excess items in the Marketplace for a profit.

This is everything you need to know about how to get Stubs in MLB The Show 21. If you are looking for players have a look at the Best Pitchers in the game. If you want to know how to upgrade your player, read about Loadouts.