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MLB The Show 21: How To Use Loadouts

Find out how to use Loadouts in MLB The Show 21.

You can upgrade your created player’s stats by using the Loadout feature in MLB The Show 21. The Loadout feature adds some perks to your player. This will add to and boost your player’s abilities. You can even experiment with different Loadouts to see which works well for your character. Loadouts can be changed from game to game to add some versatility to your game. They can even boost some of your player’s weaker stats and abilities to make him an all-rounder. So, let’s get into it and find out how to use Loadouts in MLB The Show 21.

How to activate Loadouts in MLB The Show 21


How To Use Loadouts In MLB The Show 21
Add perks to your player’s abilities in the game.
  • To use Loadouts go to the Main Menu in MLB The Show 21.
  • Over here look for the Profile option on the top-left of the main screen.
  • Open Profile and you will see your player.
  • Now, you will also see the option for Loadouts around your character.
  • Click on Loadouts and now you will be able to pick perks of your choice.
  • There are three perks that you can add to your player.
  • Out of these one perk is the primary one while the other two are secondary perks.
  • Your main perk will give a 20 point boost while the two secondary ones will have a 7 point boost each.
  • The main perk also denotes your playing position on the field.
  • The secondary perks will show you your alternate role in MLB.
  • Experiment with it in different games in RTTS.

Loadouts can be altered according to your preference. If you continuously use a specific perk you will upgrade that skill faster as you keep playing games. So it’s a good idea to boost your weak stats using the Loadout feature.


This is everything you need to know about how to use Loadouts in MLB The Show 21. If you are facing connectivity issues have a look at this simple Server Fix or learn how to improve your swing timing.