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Is MLB The Show 21 Available On PC?

Is MLB The Show 21 available on PC via Xbox Game Pass? Find out here.

MLB The Show 21 is the game everyone has been excited to play. The high anticipation led to an awesome launch albeit riddled with a few issues. It has released on consoles, that is PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. But will PC players be able to experience the joy that is this game through a subscription service? Or is the official MLB The Show 21 PC version coming soon? Find out here.

Can you Play MLB The Show 21 on PC via Game Pass?MLB The Show 21 on PC Xbox Game Pass


The game has not released on PC along with consoles but is MLB The Show 21 available on PC via Game Pass? Many are curious to know because it released on Xbox Game pass for Xbox consoles in April 2021, so surely it must be coming to PC. Unfortunately that is not the case. MLB The Show 21 is not coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC just yet.

For fans of the series, that’s a bummer but don’t lose heart just yet. Even though this series used to be a PlayStation exclusive, it arrived on Xbox consoles this year. This was a surprising move that opens up the doors for this title to be available on other platforms too. In fact, you will be able to play MLB The Show 21 on Android phones and Tablets via Xbox Cloud Gaming service. It is in Beta right now and Ultimate members can make the most of this feature on your Mobile devices.

Is it Coming to PC anytime soon?


Based on what we already know, I think Sony could be most likely working on a MLB The Show 21 PC version. Since the company has started releasing some of its PlayStation exclusives on PC, it looks like MLB 21 might not be far behind in the pipeline. It could be a natural progression from being an exclusive to being available on PC and consoles since it’s one of their biggest games. This will widen the audience to a whole new level which this game absolutely deserves.

Let’s wait and watch if Sony decides to make the announcement about MLB The Show 21 PC version. After Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone, MLB 21 could be the next game that might help Sony to a great extent.

That’s all that’s known about MLB The Show 21 PC version. If you’ve got a console and have already joined the fun, check out our tips and tricks that will make you a much better player.