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MLB The Show 21: How To Invite Friends

Here's how to invite and play with friends in MLB The Show 21 online.

Major League Baseball (MLB) The Show 21 supports crossplay for the first time for the series. This will allow you to play online matches with your friends even they are on different platforms. This means now it’s possible to play with a friend who owns the game on either Xbox or a PlayStation. Also inviting your friends to your session is fairly simple. So let’s look at how to invite and play with friends in MLB The Show 21 online.

How to Invite Friends in MLB the Show 21?


MLB Show Invite Friends

To invite and play online with friends in MLB The Show 21, you need to:

  • Make sure friends are currently online
  • Enable Crossplay if they are in another platform.
  • Press your menu button, which will be the View or Select button on Xbox and on the touchpad for PlayStation.
  • Press the “Friends” option from the newly opened menu.
  • If your friend is not on this list then use R1/RB to go to the Requests tab.
  • Click on Send New Friend Request.
  • Type in your friend’s username to add them to your friends’ list.
  • Now you will see your friend’s name along with the platform they are using.
  • Now once they are online you will be notified.
  • Click on their name to invite them to an Exhibition Game, and then start the match.
  • For Diamond Dynasty mode, you can play against friends Form the Diamond Dynasty menu itself.


Once you add your friends to the list, you will be able to play an online game with them even more quickly. Tap on your profile icon in the top left corner of the main screen. To get to the My Profile tab from the My Ballplayer tab, press R1/RB. On the left of your player profile image, click on the Friends button. By doing this, you’ll be taken to the list of your friends that are already online. Start an Exhibition game with the people you want to play with.

You can also play against your friends in Diamond Dynasty. It’s really a lot more user-friendly than Exhibition mode. In Diamond Dynasty, choose Play Vs Friends from the Online Modes menu. The games you play with friends will not affect your overall Diamond Dynasty scores. So you can play as many matches as you like with friends to have fun.

That’s everything you need to know how to invite and play with friends in MLB The Show 21 online. While you are here,  check out more tips and tricks in our MLB The Show 21 Guides, like How to Hit the Ball Better or How to Get a Hold.