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Witcher 3 Next-Gen Missing DLC Error While Loading A Save: How To Fix

Unable to play the new update due to an error? Check out our guide on how to fix the Missing DLC error while loading a save in Witcher 3 Next-gen.

The recent Next-gen update has added a flair to the classic Witcher 3. There are several improvements, upgrades, and new content that have been added to the game. With several integrated mods, this recent update also includes the Netflix DLC. Due to an odd error, PlayStation players are unable to load their save game file. This error states that you are missing some DLC files even though you have installed all of them. But is there a fix for this issue? Check out our guide on how to fix the missing DLC error while loading a save in Witcher 3 Next-Gen to find out.


How to Fix Witcher 3 Next-Gen Missing DLC Error While Loading a Save

fix witcher 3 next gen missing dlc error while loading a save

The main reason for the missing DLC error is due to not setting up your console as the Primary Console. You can encounter this issue on PS4 as well as PS5 consoles. To resolve this issue, you have to set your console as the Primary. You might have missed setting up the PS4 or PS5 as the primary console while signing up for the first time.

So, here’s how you can fix the missing DLC while loading a save error in Witcher 3 for both consoles:


PlayStation 4 (PS4)

  • Head over to the PS Network or Account Management from your Home screen.
  • Hit the “Activate as your Primary PS4” option and select the Activate button.
  • This would enable your console to be the Primary console.

PlayStation 5 (PS5)

  • Head to Settings and select the Users and Accounts option.
  • Then, select the Other option.
  • You have to select Console Sharing & Offline Play.
  • Now, select the Enable option to set PS5 as your primary console.

Make note that you can only activate or enable only a single PlayStation as your primary console per account.

That’s everything covered about how to fix the Missing DLC error while loading a save in Witcher 3 Next-gen. If you liked this guide, check out our more guides on where to sell Junk Items, how to upgrade weapons and armor, how to get Netflix Armor, and more Witcher 3 Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.