Where To Sell Junk Items In Witcher 3

Take a look at the list of the best merchant locations to sell junk items in Witcher 3 easily.

Witcher 3 has recently got hit with the new Next Gen update. In this update, you’ll get to see various new quests that you can do to obtain tons of rewards. So make sure you have enough space in your inventory for new items & crafting materials. However don’t make the mistake of throwing away unnecessary items, you never know how many crowns you get for them. With that said, finding the right merchant can be kind of a hassle. Not all buyers will offer you the right price and some even refuse to buy your goods. But don’t worry, we are here to help. In this guide, we have mentioned the best places to sell your junk items in Witcher 3.

Best Places to Sell Junk Stuffs in Witcher 3

Where To Sell Junk Items In Witcher 3

Here’s a list of all the best places and merchants to sell your junk items in Witcher 3. For those who are unaware selling particular goods to the traders who already sell those kinds of items will get you a good amount of bonus.

  • Weapons & Upgrades
    • To sell your unwanted weapons & upgrades you can always head to Hattori a Master Blacksmith. He is located in Novigrad City, on the north of the Port side gate. Before heading to Hattori make sure you unlock him by completing his level 24 secondary quest.
  • Armour
    • Players can sell the armor to a Journeyman armorer located in Novigrad city at Hierarch Square. He is not that wealthy but the loss will surely get covered by the bonus you’ll get for selling to him.
  • Food & Drink
    • To sell your Food & drink items simply head to the Kingfisher Inn located in Novigrad. There you’ll find an innkeeper that’ll take all the food supply from your hand in return for a good price.
  • Alchemy Items
    • Players can sell their alchemy items to a Herbalist who will surely give a good price for their equipment. You can find him in Novigrad city at Hierarch Square.
  • Books & Documents
    • If you have tons of unwanted books & documents in your inventory then go ahead and sell them to MarcusT.K Hodgson. He is a shopkeeper at a Bookstore located in Novigrad city.

These are the best places where you can sell your Junk items in Witcher 3 easily. However, before you go ahead and sell your unwanted items don’t forget to check what you will get for dismantling them. If you chose to dismantle then you can get various crafting materials that can come in handy.

That sums up everything about the best merchants’ locations to sell goods. While you are here take a look at which are the best & worst items to sell in the game. For more tips & tricks check out other Video game Guides.