Which Are The Best & Worst Items To Sell In Witcher 3?

Here's a guide on which the best and worst items to sell are in Witcher 3.

Now that the Next Gen Update is out, players are returning to play as Geralt of Rivia. While many have used numerous items and leveled up, many are still confused about which the best and worst items to sell are in Witcher 3. Since this is quite an important part of the game, you will have to be certain of the decisions that you make. Having said that, understanding which items might be useful in the future is quite difficult. However, you will have to sell a few to get the coins necessary for future level-ups and upgrades. Since you are here, you have also found this cumbersome and are looking to see which items you should or should not sell. With this guide, we have you covered.

Best & Worst Items to Sell in Witcher 3

Witcher 3 Which Items to Sell
Image Source: GameSpot (YouTube)

Although you can sell a lot of items, some will be required once you progress. So there are some items that should remain on your untouchable list. Apart from that, some rare items and quest items are required to progress in the quest itself. If you sell these items, the quest remains incomplete.

Here are the best items that you can sell in Witcher 3:

  • Gems – Gems like ruby, pearl, and amethyst pay high coins and numerous merchants are willing to purchase them.
  • Books – Reading books the first time provides you with the knowledge necessary. After that, there is no point in keeping them around.
  • Weapons and Armor – Common and Master grade equipment are quite useful to generate coins. Since they can be found easily, you can quickly generate some useful coins.

Now that you saw the best items, time to see the worst items to sell in Witcher 3:

  • Quest Items – If you sell items obtained while a quest is ongoing, there is a chance that your quest will remain incomplete.
  • Glyphs and Runestones – These are quite useful in the later part of the game. Hence, do not sell them.
  • Jewels – Instead of selling Jewels, rather dismantle them and convert it to Gems.

That’s all there is on the best and worst items to sell in Witcher 3. While you are here, make sure you check out our Witcher 3 guides right here at Gamer Tweak.