How To Upgrade Weapons And Armor In The Witcher 3

Here's a simple guide on how to upgrade your Weapons, Armor, and Witcher Gear in The Witcher 3.

Knowing how to upgrade weapons and armor in The Witcher 3 is very important. Throughout the journey, Geralt will face all kinds of monsters. And as you progress through the game, they will get tougher. Moreover, you will undertake quests that can’t be done with your regular sword and armor. So to survive, you must upgrade your gear in The Witcher 3. If you want to know how then you have come to the right place. This guide will tell you how to do it.

How to Upgrade Witcher Gear

Feline Witcher Gear set

The Witcher Gear is a set of special armor that you can get by participating in Scavenger Hunts. These can be found on your travels or you can buy them from Merchants. Each of these sets has its specialties and you can choose and upgrade them according to your playstyle. The abilities and gear are based on various schools of the Witchers. You can complete the scavenger hunts to fully upgrade the gear. There are five upgrade levels to each Gear set in Witcher 3.

  • Basic
  • Enhanced
  • Superior
  • Mastercrafted
  • Grandmaster

Mastercrafted gear is Quest-Locked. Meaning, you have to complete a quest to unlock it. In the case of the Grandmaster gear, you will need the Blood & Wine DLC.

How to Upgrade Weapons and Armor in Witcher 3

Crafting Menu to upgrade weapons and armor

You can upgrade weapons and armor in Witcher 3 by interacting with any Blacksmith or Armorer. Then, you can enter the crafting menu to level up your tools. However, there are certain requirements you must fulfill beforehand.

  • Diagrams – Diagrams are like blueprints in this game. Your Blacksmith or Armorer will require these blueprints to craft and upgrade that specific tool. You can get them at Monster Nests, Guarded Treasurers, and even by completing quests.
  • Craftsman Level – There are multiple Blacksmiths and Armorers throughout the game, each with their levels. If you have a diagram for a higher rarity tool then a low-level craftsman cannot build it. You can check their levels in the crafting menu.
  • Crafting Components – To craft and upgrade weapons and armor, you will need crafting materials. You can get these by looting or purchasing. Or you can dismantle your old weapons or items you found to get the components.
  • Crafting Price – Crafting new gear or upgrading it won’t come cheap. You have to pay the craftsman fee based on the rarity of the equipment. So make sure you farm Crowns before upgrading your tools.

You can also equip the weapons and armor with Runestones or Glyphs. These can be fitted into the empty sockets of your equipment. They can boost your damage, increase your sign power, and much more.

That’s everything on how to upgrade weapons and armor in Witcher 3. For more helpful guides like How to Dismantle Items, visit GamerTweak soon.