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Witcher 3: How To Make Money Fast (Crown Farming Guide)

Check out this guide to make money fast in The Witcher 3.

Being a Witcher is tough, considering all the quests to complete and monsters to fight. To survive in this rough world, you have to constantly upgrade your weapons and armor. And you can only do that if you make money fast in Witcher 3. Now you will find various methods to do it on your travels. But there are some ways you can farm Crowns easily in Witcher 3. This article features the best of them to keep you loaded.

How to Make Money Fast in The Witcher 3

Loot Items to Farm Crowns in TW3

The game has a huge and diverse economic system. Using the following ways, you can exploit it to earn crowns.

Completing Witcher Contracts

This method is pretty straightforward. Throughout the game, you will meet people who need help. Being a Witcher, only you can help them by taking on contracts. It’s honest work and pays decent. It will also help you to level up so that you can take higher contracts.

Looting Items

Looting is one of the best ways to make money fast in Witcher 3. Every monster or animal you kill will drop items. Apart from that, you can use Witcher Senses to check lootable containers within your area. Novigrad has some of the best loot but beware of guards. The night is the best time to loot since there will be fewer guards walking around. You will also get food, alchemy, and crafting materials by looting. This, in turn, will save you some crowns.

Selling Items to the Right Merchant (Make Money Fast in Witcher 3)

Once you have filled your inventory with looted items, don’t rush to sell them all in one place. This game has many merchants and they will offer you different prices for every item. For example, a Blacksmith will offer you fewer crowns for cow hides. But the same can be sold for a lot more money to an Innkeeper. So explore the merchants and compare prices to get the best deal.

Exchange Orens and Florens at the Vivaldi Bank

At Novigrad, you can visit the Vivaldi Bank at Hierarch Square. There, you will meet Vimme Vivaldi and you exchange your Orens & Florens for crowns.

Sell Old Weapons and Armor

Throughout your travels, you will collect many weapons and armor. You can either dismantle them to get crafting materials. But not every gear will give you rare materials. So you can sell them to the Blacksmiths or Armorers to make money. However, you can dismantle jewelry to get gems and valuable metals. They will get you more money than the jewelry itself. So you have to be wary about what you are selling or dismantling.

That’s everything on how to make money fast in Witcher 3. We excluded glitches and hacks as they can be patched in the future. For more helpful guides like How to Roll Back Next Gen Update on PC, visit Gamertweak soon.