Hogwarts Legacy Missing Conjuration 139/140 Solution

Check our guide on how to find the Missing Conjuration 139/140 in Hogwarts Legacy.

Aside from being an academic fifth-year student, Hogwarts Legacy has players chase down all the Conjuration spells. You can get these from different treasure chests to customize your Room of Requirement or Vivarium. While in total there are 140 Conjurations, the majority of players are stuck on finding the one last Conjuration spell. Due to this completion issue, players are unable to earn only 139 out of the 140 Conjurations. But is there any solution or workaround for this issue? Yes, there is. So, check out our guide on how to find the missing Conjuration 139/140 in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Find One Missing Conjuration 139/140 in Hogwarts Legacy (Solutions)

hogwarts legacy missing conjuration 139 140 solution

There can be a couple of reasons for the Missing Conjurations in Hogwarts Legacy. As you can find the Conjuration spells inside the Collection Chests, you might have missed out on one of them. In total, there are 157 Collection chests scattered and marked around the map. We suggest checking if you have collected all the Collection chests. But for the players that have collected all the chests and facing this issue, try out the next method.

You can check which single Conjuration spell you are missing from the Collections Tab. From there, you will find different categories based on different ways to acquire the 140 Conjurations. These categories include getting the Conjuration spells from Exploration, Quests, Challenges, and Vendors. Most players stated on Reddit and Steam threads that they are missing one Conjuration from the Exploration tab. You can obtain these Conjurations by following the Butterflies that lead you to the Collection Chests.

If you are facing the Conjurations 139/140 completion issue in Hogwarts Legacy after collecting all Butterfly chests, it seems to be due to a Bug. So, we suggest players not try too hard as there’s nothing you can do except wait. Fortunately, the most recent Patch worked out for some PS5 players (link) as they could get to the last Collection Chest. So, it’s just a matter of time until the butterflies lead you to the last missing Conjuration.

In the recent Patch Notes, the devs confirmed fixing the “Butterflies not appearing at a specified area” issue. So, try getting the missing Conjuration once you have updated the game to its latest version. While you are here at it, also check out our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki page for everything related to the game.

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