Where Is Minerva In Fallout 76 Today?

Fallout 76 Minerva Location keeps rotating between 3 settlements & only available on specific days of the week. So here's how to find her.

If you are wondering where is Minerva today, here’s a location guide that will help save you time. Minerva is a vendor that sells various Plans and Recipes in exchange for Gold Bullion. She is affiliated with the Blue Ridge Caravan Company in Appalachia and since she’s a traveling merchant, you need to know exactly where to find her in FO76 each week.

Minerva can be found at one of four different locations in the wasteland – The Crater, Fort Atlas, The Whitespring, or Foundation. Here’s where to find Minerva today and her exact locations in all of these places.

Where is Minerva in Fallout 76 Today? Location

Fallout 76 Minerva Location

Minerva can be found in The Whitespring from November 23 to November 27 (Minerva Big Sale Location).

Where to Find Minerva in the Coming Weeks

She is speculated to be at these locations in the next few weeks, so set your reminders!

  • Foundation from December 4 to December 6
  • Crater from December 11 to December 13

Minerva Tent (Shop) Locations

We’ve added some videos to help you get a clear idea of where to exactly find her.

Where to Find Minerva at The Crater

To get to The Crater, fast travel to it first from the map. Then walk towards the makeshift road/bridge made of wooden planks and she should be right there with her tent.

Where to Find Minerva in Fort Atlas

Fast travel to Fort Atlas and you can find her not far from the big gates.

Where to Find Minerva in The Whitespring

Fast travel to The Whitespring and she will be right in front of you where you spawn, next to the main entrance.

Where to Find Minerva in Foundation

Fast travel to Foundation and she is next to the bridge you need to cross.

Minerva Inventory

She will sell plenty of Plans and her inventory/stock changes every time she appears. Basically, her caravan offers “recreations” of rare blueprints and recipes. She claims to have a photographic memory that aids her in doing so.

Here are a couple of examples of what Minerva sells in FO76.

Inventory 1

  • Plan: Dynamite
  • Plan: Gauss pistol
  • Plan: Grocer’s backpack mod
  • Plan: Floater gnasher grenade
  • Plan: Resistant lining Secret Service underarmor
  • Plan: Scavenged solar panel
  • Plan: Strangler heart chest piece
  • Plan: Strangler heart helmet
  • Plan: Strangler heart left arm
  • Plan: Strangler heart left leg
  • Plan: Strangler heart right arm
  • Plan: Strangler heart right leg
  • Plan: Treated lining Secret Service underarmor

Inventory 2

  • Plan: Chicken coop
  • Plan: Gauss minigun
  • Plan: Gauss pistol aligned short barrel
  • Plan: Gauss pistol drum magazine
  • Plan: Gauss pistol refined receiver
  • Plan: Protective lining Secret Service underarmor
  • Plan: Shielded lining Secret Service underarmor
  • Plan: Thorn armor chest piece
  • Plan: Thorn armor left arm
  • Plan: Thorn armor left leg
  • Plan: Thorn armor right arm
  • Plan: Thorn armor right leg

From Thursday through Monday Minerva’s Big Sale may be available. Minerva’s Big Sale is a discount event that offers a 25% discount on all her merchandise.

So that’s where Minerva is in Fallout 76 this week, her schedule, timing, and her shop tent’s exact locations.

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