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How Do I Jump Over Gaps in Minecraft Dungeons?

Cross those gaps easily

Mojang Studios’ latest offering, Minecraft Dungeons, has used the fan-favorite blocky art style of Minecraft and added a high dose of dungeon-crawling to it. In this isometric game, you will come across various types of areas, some high, some low and some with gaps. Initially, it’s not that easy to understand how to cross these gaps. If you are wondering how to jump over gaps in Minecraft Dungeons, then this guide will answer your question in a simple manner.

Jumping Across Gaps in Minecraft Dungeons

If you are finding it difficult to jump over and cross gaps in Minecraft Dungeons, you are not alone. If there was an option to jump in the game, things would be much easier. But there’s actually no option to ‘jump’ in Minecraft Dungeons.

Then how to jump over gaps in Minecraft Dungeons? Well, all you can do is roll. What you need to do is go to the edge and roll to jump over the gap easily. It’s not that simple to do instantly, but with some practice, it will come naturally to you. Also note that rolling will be very beneficial when there are chests placed on the other end of a gap, so make sure to get a lot of practice for rolling.

How To Roll in Minecraft Dungeons?

To roll you have to use the following buttons as per the platform you are using to play the game. They are:

  • R1 on PlayStation 4
  • RB on Xbox One
  • Spacebar on PC

Ensure that your character is facing the right direction to roll in. In case you make a mistake, you will either roll towards enemies who will surround you or towards the pits of darkness down below. If you are lucky though, you will just end up dropping on a lower area.

It’s important to master rolling so that you don’t end up losing lives over this. It will also come in handy to dodge mobs and bosses, and as you keep progressing, you will end up rolling a lot.

This is basically what you need to know about jumping over gaps in Minecraft Dungeons. We have lots of helpful tips and tricks about this game on GamerTweak, so go ahead and check them out right away.