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What Can You Do With Copper In Minecraft

Find out all the uses of the new Copper Ore resource in Minecraft.

Copper Ore is a new resource in Minecraft that you can mine for and use. It is part of the new 1.18 update for Caves and Cliffs. So, what can you actually use this new resource for? Scroll down and find out more about everything that you can do with Copper Ore.

How to use Copper Ore in Minecraft?

Minecraft Copper Ore Uses: What Can You Do With The New Block

There are two main things you can make from copper in the game. These two items are:

The lightning conductor can be placed on top of your house or wherever you desire rather. Just like real life the lightning rod will deflect thunder away from you and ground it. Doing so will prevent anything from catching on fire in the game and you can protect your resources. You will need to have three copper ingots to make a lightning rod.

The Spyglass is more of a binocular in the game. You can use it to zoom in on far-off objects in the game. To craft a spyglass you will require one Amethyst Shard and two copper ingots.

You can also make a variety of other objects using Copper blocks in Minecraft. You can even make a house with it if you want. However, erosion is a real thing even in Minecraft. You have been warned.

How to get copper?

The only way to get copper is to mine it. You will have to be on the search for it. It is identifiable by the slightly copper tinge of the rocks. Just use a normal pickaxe and you can get copper ore. You will need to melt the copper ore into copper ingots to use them. Once you do that you can craft them into anything your heart desires.

This is everything you need to know about the uses of Copper in Minecraft. While you are here make sure you have a look at how to get Sweeping Edge in the game.