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Miitopia: How To Get A Horse?

Let’s see how to get a Horse in Miitopia.

Miitopia is an RPG that has you going around the map completing the quest and fight enemies in a turn-wise combat fight. The fight is very basic and all you have to do is select the attacks the heavy lifting part of the game is the characters. Players can build the appearance of their character from scratch and their mindset as well which in turn affects its fighting ability. You do get 3 members to accompany you on the quest but there’s another one you can get. Let’s see how to get a Horse in Miitopia.

How To Get A Horse In Miitopia?


Miitopia Horse
While you get the other team members fairly early in the game, that’s not the case with the Horse. Players will see the Horse for the first time much later in the first region. While you are going town to town trying to get back all the faces of the villagers you will see some goons pestering a horse just before the castle area. You will have to initiate a fight to save the horse. This is why it is important to upgrade your and your teammate’s skills as soon as possible. After defeating them the horse will start following you. Let it follow and after some time you will be able to recruit it.

You can customize his eyes, nose name, color, etc. while recruiting him. You can also add a horn to make him look like a unicorn (why not). The horse will not eat up a spot on the team as it will be an additional 5th member on the team. Horse helps you unlock some attacks and skill upgrades for the whole team. We recommend you and the whole squad spend time with the horse to strengthen the bond with him. An easy way of building the bond with the horse is to spend a night with him in the stable.

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