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Miitopia How To Reach Wayward Woods Chest

Here's how to reach Wayward Woods Chest in Miitopia.

Reaching and opening the Wayward Woods Chest in Miitopia may seem impossible but it’s not so. Many players get stuck in the forest to find a way to open this chest. But the process to unlock the paths and access them is easy. So if you are still roaming in the thick forest of Wayward Woods, here’s how to open this chest.

How to Reach Wayward Woods Chest in Miitopia?


To unlock the path and reach Wayward Woods Chest in Miitopia, you need to escort the Prince to the Princess Greenhorne castle from Arid Frontier. Greenhorne Castle one of the starting missions in Miitopia. To start the Prince escort quest you need to the whereabouts of the Besmirched Noble’s Son once you have found the Princess’s and townspeople’s stolen faces.

Miitopia Reach Open Wayward Woods Chest

When the Prince first sees the player’s party, he yells at them, calling them imbeciles for having him wait for help. He then demands that the player quickly escort him to the Princess. During their journey to the castle, he complains about how he and his caravan were ambushed, he was forced to run while his guards dealt with the monsters, all of whom then vanished.


During battles, he does nothing but watch the player fight and brag about himself, then claims success is due to his ‘advanced swordsmanship‘. So players will be on their own in the woods and against the powerful Griffin boss. However, once the Prince has been restored to Greenhorne Castle, some previously closed passageways suddenly open up. This includes the way to reach the Wayward Woods Chest.

The Wayward Woods, for those unfamiliar with the game, is a dense forest east of Greenhorne Castle. It acts as a barrier between the castle and the Arid Frontier. Which itself acts as a link between Greenhorne and Neksdor.

That’s everything you need to know about how to reach Wayward Woods Chest in Miitopia. While you are here, make sure you check out How to Get Past Serious Soldier too.