Microsoft Will Show Xbox Series X Exclusive Games in June, Insider Claims

By Dinesh
2 Min Read

Microsoft recently confirmed that next week we will learn more about games for the next-gen console of Xbox Series X. So far it is expected that such presentation will show titles from external studios, but apparently we will not have to wait long to know about the exclusive productions of Xbox Game Studios.

Through ResetEra, the insider Shinobi602, who is recognized for having leaked truthful information on several occasions, confirmed that there will be unannounced games next week at the Microsoft event.

This may not be as relevant, considering that Microsoft had already anticipated that there will be news related to next-generation games from “global studios”, which could mean that we would see cross-platform games from developers already working on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

However, the informant gave more details and anticipated that next week’s Xbox presentation will indeed be focused on games from outside studios. The most interesting thing is that he mentioned that in June Microsoft will hold another presentation, which will be focused on the company’s exclusive games, so it will be time to shine for Xbox Game Studios.

So far, the only confirmed event is the upcoming week, so we invite you to take this information with due precaution. However, as we mentioned, this informant has already shared accurate details on some occasions. In addition, it is very likely that Microsoft will decide to organize another event in which the company will communicate all the news that they were preparing for E3 2020. We will keep you informed.

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