Monster Hunter Stories 2: Where To Find Yian Garuga

Find out the location where you can find the Yian Garuga Monster and the den you can find its eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

The Yian Garuga is a Flying Wyvern in Monster Hunter Stories 2. It has been a staple of the Monster Hunter universe for a long time. Now, in Stories 2, this monster is making its big comeback. So, scroll down and find out where to find the Yian Garuga in MHS 2.

Where to find the Yian Garuga in Monster Hunter Stories 2?

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Yian Garuga
You can find the Yian Garuga in one biome only.

The Yian Garuga is seen in the Alcala Highlands of the Rutoh Village biome. There are various locations in the Alcala Highlands where you can look for the Yian Garuga such as Sailor’s Beach, Alcala Valley, Alcala Highlands, Etulle Lofty Trees, Harzgai Rocky Hill, Harzgai Hill Inner, Wendwood.

If you want to get eggs you will have to go back to the Den of the monster. So, make sure you tail it after you cause it to retreat.

Once you get to Yian Garuga’s location in Monster Hunter Stories 2, you will have to fight it off. Now during the boss fight make sure that you break a lot of parts on the monster. Focus attacks on the tail and head.

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Now, keep at it with Speed Attacks and make sure you take advantage of the time that Yian Garuga is just lying around on the ground. Once you defeat it make sure you wait for the monster to retreat. You can use Paintballs and Shock traps to cause the monster to retreat.

Now, once the monster is in the den, just wait for it to take a nap. Simply go in and steal the eggs.

This is everything you need to know about Yian Garuga’s location in Monster Hunter Stories 2. Now that you are here make sure you have a look at how to fly in the game.