Monster Hunter Now: How To Use Special Skill

Here is all you have to do to unlock and use Special Skill in Monster Hunter Now.

In Monster Hunter Now, players get to use Special Skills on enemies. They unleash power that can completely destroy the monster. But unlocking this skill takes some time. Your weapon has to go through a long process to get it. And though it’s not a one-time move, you’ll have to fulfill a requirement to use it. If you are curious about all that, read along and learn how to unlock and use this skill of MH Now.

How to Get and Use Special Skills in MH Now

Get and Use Special Skills in MH Now

In Monster Hunter Now, we unlock the Special Skill of a weapon by overgrading. Overgrading is upgrading your weapon till it reaches Grade 2 and more. After leveling up weapons a few times, you get the option of Overgrade. This process can be lengthy, depending on how much you hunt. The resources required for leveling differ with the weapon.

If you are in a hurry or don’t want to wait for monsters to pop up into your range, you can learn about the Joystick method. And then decide, if it’s worth trying or not. Now, if you don’t know how to level and overgrade, here is a step-by-step guide for overgrading and unlocking Special Skills in Monster Hunter Now:

  • Launch the Monster Hunter Now.
  • Tap on the Weapons icon. It is beside Hunter’s profile.
  • You will see all the locked and unlocked weapons.
  • Select the unlocked weapon. And it will take you to its details page.
  • You will now see the Level Up option. Level up the selected weapon till you get the Overgrade option.
  • Press the Overgrade, and your weapons Grade will increase, unlocking the Special Skill of Monster Hunter Now.

 How to Use Special Skills in Monster Hunter Now

  • Go to the main page and select Monster from the field or Paintball list.
  • Start the hunt, you will see a Special Skill meter right above the health.
  • Keep attacking the monster till the meter fills.
  • Once it’s full, tap on it to unleash the power.

That’s all you have to do to unlock and use Special Skill in Monster Hunter Now. If you found this guide interesting and helpful, also check out our other MH Now guides. We have covered how to get pre-registration rewards and how to unlock and get more weapons.