How To Use Bow In Monster Hunter Now

Want to use Bow in Monster Hunter Now but don't know how to do that? Read along to learn.

Are you wondering why you can’t use Bow in Monster Hunter Now? Read along to learn how to unlock, equip, and use it in MH Now. The Bow is one of the most useful weapons in the game. It is a medium-range weapon, so you can easily avoid Monster attacks. A great Jagras rolling attack is difficult to dodge, but if you are using Bow, you can get away before it launches an attack much more easily. Dealing with flying enemies like Legiana and Rathalos also becomes faster, when you have ranged weapons. So follow these steps to unlock and use the Bow.

How to Shoot Arrows From Bow in Monster Hunter Now

Shoot Arrows From Bow in Monster Hunter Now

  • First, select the monster from the field or Paintball list.
  • Start Solo or Group Hunt.
  • To use this weapon, long press on the screen, set the level, and leave to shoot.
  • While you are holding the screen you will see that a circle forms around targets, and as it touches the target area, the target blinks. Each blink is a level. Except for level one, you just hold a little and shoot.
  • So if you make the target blink once, you will use a level 2 Bow attack of Monster Hunter Now. And if you make it blink thrice, you will perform a level 4 attack.

How to Unlock, Forge, and Equip Bow in MH Now

You unlock Bow by reaching Hunter Rank 15. And this is not the only weapon you unlock here. Hammer, Light Bowgun, and Long Sword become available with this rank too. So keep completing the story quests to reach the rank.

  • Once you have unlocked Bow in Monster Hunter Now, go to the main screen. Tap on Weapons icons. It is beside Hunter’s profile.
  • You will see several Bow and Arrow sets. Tap on them to see their details. Grayed-out sets have to be forged. Go into their details and press Forge.
  • After forging, you will see the Equip option in the place of Forge. Tap on it to equip the weapon.

That’s all you have to do to use Bow in Monster Hunter Now. This AR game offers several fun features for players. If you are curious about them, you should check our Mobile guides. Start by reading our weapons guide and then learn how to claim pre-registration rewards.