Monster Hunter Now: How To Get Gems (MH Now Guide)

Low on Gems? Here is how to get Gems in Monster Hunter Now.

Want to get Monster Hunter Now Gems but don’t know where to find and get them? This guide has got you covered. Gems and Zenny are the primary currency of MH Now. Zenny can be easily obtained by slaying monsters, Special quests, and referral codes. But it is not the same with the Gems. There are only a few ways to get them in MH Now. And uses are plenty. Though they are not as much used as Zenny for now, there is a chance that their uses will increase with future updates. For now, they are mainly used for purchasing items and Zenny from the Shop. So here are all the ways to get Gems in MH Now.

Where to Find and How to Get Gems in Monster Hunter Now

How to Get Free Gems in MH Now

How to Get Free Gems in MH Now

You get free Gems for completing certain Story quests and progressing Hunter Rank. Now the amount of Gems you will get with this, might not be the same every time. And even though few Ranks reward the item, it is still the fastest and cost-free method of obtaining Gems in Monster Hunter Now, as of now. We are looking for more freeways, if we find more, we will update the guide. So bookmark it with Ctrl+D.

How to Buy Gems in Monster Hunter Now

If you are fine with spending real money, then there is an alternative method for you. These Gems can be bought from the in-game store.

  • You will find the Shop option on the main screen.
  • Go into it and scroll right till you get the Gems tab.
  • You will see all the Gems packs there.
  • Tap on them to get the purchase option. Complete the steps it asks and get Monster Hunter Now Gems.

If you are looking for discounted Gems packs, you should go to the Hunter profile and select News. There might be some news about the discounted packs. It will talk about packs that you can buy from the Web Store. To use Web Store, you just need to log in using your Monster Hunter Now account and buy packs. They will automatically become available in the game.

That’s all about how to get Gems in Monster Hunter Now. If you found this guide helpful and are looking for more MH Now guides, check out our Mobile guides. We have covered how to craft weapons and explained how to get pre-registration rewards.