METRIA Tier List – Best Characters Ranked 2024

Check out our METRIA tier list ranking the best characters from S tier to C tier.

METRIA is an RPG that takes you to a beautiful world filled with deadly creatures. But clearing the enemies that block your route is not the work of one. Instead, you have to form a team of different heroes and switch at the perfect time to clear everything. Don’t worry, check out our METRIA tier list ranking the best characters to help and recruit.

The game characters come in different variations. Deciding the rank without considering that would be wrong. So we compared the versions of the characters with stats and skills to select the one that deserves to rank top in our guide. With that said, let’s not waste any more time and get to the list.

METRIA Tier List – All Characters Ranked

Best Characters METRIA
Image Credit: METRIA Twitter

There aren’t many characters in the game. Considering the number of choices, there are no bad ones. All of them bring their unique abilities and offer different stats. Some are good at the defense, some at attacks, some as healers, while some are good at all. So check this tier list and form the best team.

S Tier

They are multi-purpose characters, who might excel at one but can be used for several. Ascending or upgrading them will give the best result. It would also make it faster to deal with powerful enemies.

  • Aru
  • Popodero

A Tier

Comparing them with the S tier and deeming them weak would be wrong. They can become as powerful as the above one when invested properly.

  • Slash
  • Lunaria
  • Begius

B Tier

You’ll find the need to use these characters often during your journey. As they do offer good specs and stats.

  • Lucas
  • Rio
  • Zescole

C Tier

No bad, just not as good as the others. You can play with these characters if it suits your gameplay style.

  • Dino

This concludes our METRIA tier list ranking the best characters. If this character’s ranking was interesting to you, and you like RPGs, you should check out Mobile Game Guides and Tier lists. We have covered tons of role-playing and adventure games.