One Piece Odyssey: What Is Memoria?

Here is what you should know about Memoria in One Piece Odyssey.

Many One Piece Odyssey Players are confused about Memoria. The game starts with all the crew members finding themselves crashed on an unknown island. This place is Waford which holds many secrets. The Straw Hats also seem to have lost a lot of their powers and the way to get it back is by absorbing some mysterious cubes. And these cubes are connected to Memoria. So here is what you need to know about Memoria in One Piece Odyssey.

What is Memoria in One Piece Odyssey?

one piece odyssey memoria and cubes explained

Memoria is nothing but the World of Memories. It is a world created from the memories of the Straw Hat Pirates. But there is a catch here, like Lim explains “Many phenomena you experience might be recreated differently than how they happened.” It is also the place that Straw hats use for absorbing the mysterious cubes.

Absorbing Cubes is important in this game as they come from your memory and give you back your lost power. This means the Straw Hats are able to use new skills that they previously forgot or upgrade the ones that they already know.

This game will make you relive four of the most popular arcs of the series. These Memoria arcs include:

  • Alabasta
  • Water Seven
  • Marineford
  • Dressrosa

But there is a catch here, as these are in a world of memory, some events have changed. As seen in the Full Memory Trailer, we see an instance where Corazon saves Law from Doflamingo instead of Luffy.

This isn’t the only instance we see that is different. In the Water 7 trailer, we can see Rob Lucci and his gang abduct Usopp instead of Robin. So it is safe to assume the memory of Straw Hat Pirates is different from what happened in the series.

You have to go to all 4 of these memories and regain the cubes so that you can use them to regain your strength back. And hopefully, leave the strange island of Waford.

That covers this guide on what Memoria is in One Piece Odyssey. Since you like playing this game you should find our guides useful on how to swap characters, how to save the game, and how to unlock fast travel.