Pokemon GO: Mega Charizard X Vs Y

Wondering which Mega Charizard is better X or Y in Pokemon GO? This guide will help you decide the evolution you should go for.

Players of Pokemon GO are wondering which is the better Mega Charizard X or Y. This concern isn’t something new but it is back because of the update to the Mega Evolution system. The game has made some notable changes to it. Hence more and more people are looking to Mega evolve their Pokemon. And what better Pokemon can there be to evolve than Charizard, as it gets not one but two mega evolutions. So in this guide let us check Mega Charizard X Vs Y in Pokemon GO and which is the better option for you to choose.

Mega Charizard X Vs Y in Pokemon GO

pokemon go mega charizard x vs y

When selecting which form of Mega Evolution you should go for with your Charizard in Pokemon GO, you should choose Y. The reason why I say this is based on its stats. It is not that Mega Charizard X is bad just Y is a bit better. Below let us check why you should go with each Pokemon.

Mega Charizard X

Let us start by checking its base stats, it gets:

  • Max CP: 4353
  • Stamina: 186
  • Attack: 273
  • Defense: 213
  • Max HP: 169 (at level 50)
  • Min HP: 156 (at level 50)

If you plan on evolving it into Charizard X then you should know it is a Fire Dragon-type Pokemon. Thus it is 2 times weak to Dragon, Rock & Ground-type Pokemon. But it also deals 2x damage to Bug, Steel, Grass, Dragon, and Ice-type Pokemon.

Mega Charizard Y

These are the base stats of this Pokemon:

  • Max CP: 5037
  • Stamina: 186
  • Attack: 319
  • Defense: 212
  • Max HP: 169 (at level 50)
  • Min HP: 156 (at level 50)

When you evolve it into Charizard Y its typing remains the same, that is it is still a Fire Flying-type Pokemon. As such it is 4 times weak to Rock-type and takes 2 times damage from Water and Electric. But in exchange, it is 2 times strong against Fighting, Bug, Steel, Ice, and Grass types of Pokemon.

Thanks to Pokemon GO Hub for the above stats.

Pokemon GO should you Choose Mega Charizard X or Y?

If you need a really strong Pokemon in terms of stats then go with Mega Evolution Y as it has a clear advantage in Max CP And Attack when compared to Mega Charizard X. But if you don’t have a good Dragon-type Pokemon and are looking to add one to your team then you should go with Mega Charizard X.

That covers this guide on Mega Charizard X Vs Y in Pokemon Go and which is the better option to choose. If you plan on mega-evolving other Pokemon then check out our guides on how to get Mega energy for Venusaur and Abomasnow.