Pokemon GO How To Get Abomasnow Mega Energy

Looking to get some mega energy for your Abomasnow in Pokemon GO? This guide will help you out.

Abomasnow is one of the Pokemon that gets a Mega evolution. But in order to mega evolve Pokemon you need Mega energy in Pokemon GO. Just like in the main series, mega evolution is another evolution for your pokemon that lasts for a while. It also increases the stats of your Pokemon making them stronger. So in this guide let us learn how to get mega energy for your Abomasnow in Pokemon GO.

How to Get Mega energy for Abomasnow in Pokemon GO

pokemon go get abomasnow mega energy
Image Credit: DreAmX on YouTube
  • Defeat Mega-evolved Abomasnow in Raid: This is the best method and is a guaranteed way to get mega energy for your Abomasnow. The only downside of this method is that if there are no raids you will have to wait to get the mega energy. If there is a Mega Abomasnow raid then you should use fire type Pokemon against it. Some of the best Mega Abomasnow counters are Mega Charizard X & Y, Moltres, Mega Blaziken, Mega Houndoom, and other Fire-Pokemon.
  • Walking with Abomasnow: Set an Abomasnow as your buddy and walk with it. This is a good method but less reliable than defeating a mega Abomasnow in a raid. That is because of two reasons, the first is you will occasionally get mega energy. And the second is you should have previously evolved your Abomasnow to a Mega Abomasnow, if you have never evolved it into its mega form you won’t get mega energy from this method.
  • Completing research tasks: You can also get Abomasnow Mega energy by completing some research tasks.

That covers everything you need to know about how to get mega energy for Abomasnow in Pokemon GO. Since you are playing this game learning how to beat Cliff can be helpful to you. And if you are looking to evolve some Pokemon from Sinnoh region then check out our guide on how to get Sinnoh Stone.