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Evil Dead Game Matchmaking Not Working – How To Fix

Find out what you can do if matchmaking stops working for you in Evil Dead The Game.

Fans of the movie franchise are diving into the newest spooky game with friends but those who are relying on matchmaking might come across some errors. If matchmaking is currently not working in Evil Dead The Game for you, here’s everything you should know about the potential fixes.

Evil Dead The Game Matchmaking Not Working


how to fix Evil Dead The Game Matchmaking

Whenever players face issues related to Matchmaking, the first thing they should check is whether Evil Dead The Game servers are down at the moment. This is the most common reason why matchmaking fails and you might see yourself getting stuck at the Joining Lobby screen too. If that’s truly the case, there’s nothing you can do other than wait until it’s resolved. Follow the developers on Twitter @SaberSupport to get the notification related to updates.

If that’s not the case, find out if the platform you are playing on has problems. Here’s how to check if Epic Games Store, Xbox Live or PlayStation Network is down. Only the developers can get the severs back up after the scheduled downtime. So make sure to check these links after some time.


There is a possibility that it’s not the servers, it’s your internet connection. To check and verify whether this is the root case of matchmaking issues, reset your router. Try using a wired connection and find out if the internet speed is allowing matchmaking to work without interruptions.

In case your game is of an outdated version, it could also throw this error. Find out whether automatic updates have updated your game to the latest version. If not, update it manually and try to connect to multiplayer mode again.

And if all else fails and you are still not able to play, contact Saber Support for assistance. But if these troubleshooting tips did help you out, check out our Evil Dead The Game guides for hidden tips and tricks.