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AC Valhalla Mastery Challenge Game Mode Explained

Everything you need to know about how to start Mastery Challenge in Assassin's Creed Valhalla and how it works.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Mastery Challenge is part of a new free update which includes this replayable game mode. It’s available for all players so if you want to understand everything about it and how to get top scores in the challenges, check out this AC Valhalla guide. When you complete this section, you can solve a Mythical mystery as well as earn new rewards.


Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Mastery Challenge

In the AC Valhalla Mastery Challenge, your combat, stealth and ranged-attack skills are tested. Basically, a meteorite crashes into Ravensthorpe, and when you visit the area where it crashes, you will meet a woman named Hildiran. After speaking to her, she will come with you to the settlement where she brings some special knowledge along with her. It’s battle meditation, a special kind of spiritual training that will lead you to a treasure.

How to Start Mastery Challenge?


How to Start Mastery Challenge valhalla

To start “A Challenge from the Gods” quest in Mastery Challenge, you must be at least Power Level 221 and have completed the “Uninvited Guests” main quest after reporting on Grantebridgescire and Ledecestrescire. So, if you aren’t there yet, make sure to play and level up. There will be five new shrines added in this update, so you must start your training by going to the first one that is marked on the map. Then, all you have to do to start a Mastery Challenge is to meditate at the shrine. Then choose between Trial of the Bear, Trial of the Wolf, and Trial of the Raven.

  • Combat: Trial of the Bear – Fierce Combat to test your strength.
  • Range: Trial of the Wolf – Archery, and Aim to test your marksmanship.
  • Stealth: Trial of the Raven – Ultimate Stealth to test your guile.


Best Gear for Trials?

Well, you will be assigned gear that is pre-established for these trials. So, your weapons and abilities will be pre-selected for you which makes this more of a challenge. Then to complete the trial, you have to finish the objective given to you which will earn you a medal. For example, you will have objectives such as –

  • Remain anonymous
  • Do assassinations
  • Steal all artifacts
  • Indirect kills
  • Eliminate all guards
  • Parry
  • Fire Damage kills
  • Fall Damage kills
  • and more!


Your ultimate goal will be to achieve a perfect score. You can keep playing over and over again to master the tasks and reach the highest score to get special rewards.

AC Valhalla Mastery Challenge Rewards

AC Valhalla Mastery Challenge Rewards

You will get Bronze Medal, Silver Medal, and Gold Medals along with energies. You can redeem these energies at Hildiran’s Wares in your settlement. In exchange, you can get new weapons, tattoos, and settlement cosmetics (decorations). Here’s list of all the items you can buy from Hildiran’s Wares:


Item Cost
Axe – Brokkr’s Pride Mastery Energy 15
Bow – Icy Death Mastery Energy 15
Bow – Thyrm’s Rage Mastery Energy 15
Flail – Sutr’s Mercy Mastery Energy 15
Sword – Dokkalfar’s Revenge Mastery Energy 15
Sword – Ljosalfar’s Glory Mastery Energy 15


Odin’s Wandering Eye Tattoo Cost
Arms Battle Energy 50
Head Battle Energy 50
Torso Back Battle Energy 50
Torso Front Battle Energy 50


Item Cost
Blue Fire Brazier Battle Energy 30
Blue Lantern Tree Battle Energy 30
Enemies’ Shield Trophy Battle Energy 30
Tundra Tree Battle Energy 100
Valkyrie’s Valor Statue Battle Energy 30

How to Open Hildiran’s Vault & Odin’s Vault?

  1. Collect medallions from the different trials.
  2. Speak to Hidiran.
  3. A cutscene will play out where you will be taken to Hildiran’s Vault and he will open it for you.
  4. Go inside and collect Odin’s Eye that looks like an orb.
  5. Go to Odin’s Vault using Odin’s Eye orb.

That’s the overview of the new game mode you can try out. We will be covering more about this update on Gamer Tweak so be sure to check out our other guides. Plus, if you need help with anything else in the game, our AC Valhalla wiki has you covered.