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Why Massive Resurgence Is Removed From Warzone 2?

Let's take a look at why the new Massive Resurgence mode was quickly removed after a brief time in Warzone 2.

Season 3 saw the addition of Massive Resurgence in Warzone 2 but it has since been removed. Resurgence is a popular game mode from the original Warzone title which was added in Warzone 2 in Season 2. It is popular due to its fast-paced nature and less risky as you can respawn as long as one of your teammates is alive. Now, with season 3, Massive Resurgence was added which is the same resurgence mode that was on Ashika Island but is now on Al-Mazrah. Let’s take a look at why it was removed recently.

Why Massive Resurgence was Removed from Warzone 2

massive resurgence removed warzone 2

Massive Resurgence was added in season 3 as a new mode for Warzone before being removed. Season 3 focused more on the multiplayer side of things with MW2 rather than Warzone 2. Even still, there were balancing changes made, and some new additions like the Redeploy Drones now added to Al-Mazrah. However, the main new mode added was the Massive Resurgence, which is the Resurgence mode but on Al-Mazrah map.

When players started playing this new mode, they quickly noticed some weird and unusual behavior. Specifically from the gas circle that closes into a safe zone on the map. It would seem that the circle was showing inaccurately and causing lots of confusion. It was also causing the matches to end prematurely. As Infinity Ward got these reports from players as well as the word spreading on social media, they quickly took the mode down. Then, they took to Twitter to announce that the mode has been removed due to this bug. However, the normal Resurgence Duos and Trios were then added as a replacement so you can continue playing Resurgence.

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