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Mass Effect Legendary Edition: How To Fix The Mako Bug?

Let’s see how to fix the Mako Bug in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

While the Mass Effect Legendary Edition combines all three games, the developers have also made some tweaks and improvements in all the games. While most of the improvements are graphics related there are some tweaks made to the features as well. The legendary has made heavy changes to the Mako, which was one of the weakest points of Mass Effect 1. Even though there have been certain changes players are still facing a Mako bug. Let’s see what the Mako bug is and how to fix it in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

How To Fix The Mako Bug In Mass Effect Legendary Edition?


Players have been missing the aiming reticle of the Mako, that too during high-intensity battles. While there are hundreds of tweets and Reddit posts flagging the issue there hasn’t been any acknowledgment from the developers. Even though there isn’t any official response there are still some ways you can use to fix the bug. One simple solution is to step out of the Mako and step back in. When you come back in try shooting at someone and you will see the aiming reticle on your screen.

In the past also there have been issues with the Mako and especially with its aiming mechanisms. In the previous installments, players couldn’t aim accurately especially when targeting enemies in short range. Controlling the Mako is difficult, especially when you are landing. The vehicle is important as it can help not only explore alien terrains but also dish out good damage during a busy fight with the aliens on foreign lands. In the previous editions, there was an XP penalty if you killed enemies using the Mako. The penalty has been removed in the legendary edition to promote more Mako action in fights.

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