Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Where Is Father Kyle

Hunt down the rogue Major Kyle!

Major Kyle has gone rogue in Mass Effect Legendary Edition and has gone down the spiritual route to become Father Kyle. However, his newfound spiritual reckoning has not made any change to his ruthlessness. And now your Commander Shepard has been tasked with bringing him to justice. So, let’s see how to get to Father Kyle in MELE.

Where to find Father Kyle in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Where Is Father Kyle In Mass Effect Legendary Edition
Father Kyle is seen on Presrop, the moon of Klendagon.

You can find Father Kyle on Presrop, the moon of Klendagon. Presrop is in the Century system of the Hawking Eta cluster. You will be able to see two buildings in the compound on Presrop. Go over to the prefab two-story building. When you reach the door, a conversation will begin with a guard. Choose the ‘ I want to talk to the man in charge’ option so that you avoid unnecessary bloodshed. However, you will need to have a high Charm/Intimidate stat in order to get this option.

Try resolving the issue as peacefully as possible. Otherwise, you are just going to get stuck up somewhere. Use your Renegade and Paragon points wisely so that you get through without hiccups. Once you are inside, do not attempt to kill or injure anyone and just be the saint that you are. Head over to the circular building that is across the main building. Head over to the rear end of the facility. Here you will find Father Kyle in all his delusional glory.

You can even have a look at this video guide below to easily get to Father Kyle in MELE.

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