Marvel’s Avengers Patterns Guide: Farm & Use Patterns, Locate & Unlock Fabrication Machine

Get patterns and unlock new cosmetics for superheroes.

Marvel’s Avengers has a bunch of classic and unique outfits/skins and cosmetics for every superhero in the game. There are multiple ways to unlock these cosmetics such as by leveling up, completing missions, using credits, and using patterns. While the other three can be pretty simple to understand, using patterns to unlock cosmetics can be challenging. That’s because the game does not explains much about how to farm patterns or how & where to use them to get cosmetics.

You can use patterns at the fabrication machine to unlock cosmetics. If you have no clue about what patterns are or how to use them, you are at the very right place. This Marvel’s Avengers patterns guide will give you everything that you need to know. We will explain everything, how to farm patterns, how to use them, how to unlock the fabrication machine, where to find it, and what are the outfits and cosmetics that you can unlock from it.

Marvel’s Avengers Patterns Guide

How to Get Patterns in Marvel’s Avengers

Patterns are one of the items or resources that can be used to unlock outfits and cosmetics in the game. There are multiple sources to farm patterns that include opening crates, completing missions, and increasing the Faction level. There is no certainty as to which task or crate will grant patterns, but there are high chances of getting them from Faction missions. And that about the Faction level, when you increase it, your vendor will give some rewards which might include patterns.

How to Use Patterns in Marvel’s Avengers

You can use patterns to get new outfits and cosmetics for superheroes. All you need to do is get to the fabrication machine and interact with it to get a random item. There might be instances where you will face the pattern locked cosmetic pop-up when you use the patterns. There’s nothing to worry about here, it can be easily fixed. All you need to do is exit the menu when you get the message and then allow some time for the next cosmetic to load. As soon as the next cosmetic load, you can interact with the machine to get that item.

How to Unlock Fabrication Machine in Marvel’s Avengers

Fabrication machine allows you to convert patterns into cosmetic items. Fortunately, while playing at the Avengers Initiative, it will be unlocked from the very beginning. But while playing campaign mode, the fabrication machine is locked by default. To unlock it or gain access to the fabrication machine in Marvel’s Avengers, you will have to complete the Armor Chase mission. This will make the machine available for use in the campaign mode.

Where to Find Fabrication Machine in Marvel’s Avengers

The fabrication machine is located on the Helicarrier. Get to the Helicarrier and then head towards the Hero Terminal. Once in the terminal, take the first door on the left and the fabrication machine will be located on the far corner. Now all you need to do is interact with the machine to get the menu screen and convert patterns into cosmetics.

What Cosmetics Items can be Unlocked With Fabrication Machine

There are outfits that are exclusively available only through fabrication machines and there are the ones that are not exclusive. This list is about the exclusive outfits.


  • Battle Born – Legendary Outfit
  • Dawn Star – Legendary Outfit
  • Hard Hat – Rare Outfit
  • Silverplate – Rare Outfit

Ms Marvel

  • All-American – Legendary Outfit
  • Detailed – Rare Outfit
  • Crafted – Rare Outfit
  • Destined One – Rare Outfit
  • Cap Fan – Rare Outfit


  • Just Joe – Legendary Outfit
  • Pin Stripe – Legendary Outfit
  • The Other Guy – Rare Outfit

Captain America

  • Star-Spangled – Epic Outfit
  • Bravado – Rare Outfit
  • Antibody – Rare Outfit

Iron Man

  • Bypass – Legendary Outfit
  • Vapor Trail – Epic Outfit
  • Zero Defect – Rare Outfit
  • Midas – Rare Outfit
  • Gunmetal – Rare Outfit

Black Widow

  • Codename: Laura – Legendary Outfit
  • Patrol – Epic Outfit
  • Dawn – Rare Outfit
  • Midnight – Rare Outfit

That’s everything that you need to know about patterns in Marvel’s Avengers. You can also get credits and use them to unlock new cosmetics in the game, and there are many more ways to get more outfits in Marvel’s Avengers.