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Marvel’s Avengers: How To Break Enemy Shields

Break shields and slay enemies.

While playing Marvel’s Avengers, players will find themselves standing against various types of enemies. Some of these enemies are very easy while some of them aren’t. Out of all these enemies, the ones with shields can be very tough to kill. You cannot slay them in the way you would with other normal foes. Hence, it is necessary to have a trick up the sleeves that can break enemy shields in Marvel’s Avengers and help you defeat them easily.

How to Break Enemy Shields in Marvel’s Avengers

At a very early stage in the game, you will be placed against enemies with a shield. If you try getting them eliminated by simply pressing the attack button, it won’t help. That’s because your attacks will be blocked by the shield. You will, therefore, first have to break their shields, and only then can you kill them.

To break enemy shields in Marvel’s Avengers, you will have to use a charge attack. No matter what character you choose, each one of them has a charge attack that can be initiated by holding the triangle button on PS4 or Y on Xbox One. As soon as you press and hold these buttons, the character will launch a heavy charge attack. This will permanently destroy the shields of all nearby enemies.

There’s an alternative option that will be useful if you are overwhelmed by a large number of enemies. While using a charge attack, your player will be open to taking damage from enemies. As an alternative, you can vault enemies. This will not break their shields permanently but allow you to sneak behind and attack them.

Which option to choose to break enemy shields in Marvel’s Avengers completely depends on the situation. If you are not surrounded by many enemies, then using a charge attack to break shields would be the better option. But, when there are a large number of enemies sneaking with a vault and taking them down one by one would be preferable. All you have to do is analyze the situation and make a decision.

Whether or not you break enemy shields in Marvel’s Avengers, there’s always an option to use takedowns on enemies. You can also go for parry and dodge to quickly defeat enemies. That’s basically all you need to know. Now keep progressing in the game to get more and more credits and unlock new outfits.