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Best Companions Tier List In Marvel Future Revolution

Find the best Marvel Future Revolution Companions in this tier list.

If you are looking for the best companion in Marvel Future Revolution, you have come to just the right place. In this tier list, we will show you the best companion characters in this game. They will assist you in your adventures on Earth 616, so you need to make sure you only have the best and most helpful ones by your side. This tier list will have all of the game’s characters ranked from tiers S to F. Here, tier S has the best characters, and tier F has characters that we do not recommend you to use. So, without further ado, let us jump right into this list.

Marvel Future Revolution Companions Tier List



S Tier Companions in Marvel Future Revolution

As we said earlier, the S tier in this list features the game’s best companions. They will be of most use to you, and will constantly be at your disposal for assistance. They are of great help during fights and battles, and they possess the best abilities among their counterparts.


S Sersi
S Thena

A Tier

The A tier features some really good companion characters. While they possess great abilities, they just lack in a few areas, rendering them unable to get into the S tier. Nevertheless, these companions do a great job, and should not be underestimated.


A Nick Fury
A Yondu
A Gilgamesh
A Ikaris

B Tier

The B tier of companions in Marvel Future Revolution features pretty decent characters. While their abilities might not match those of their higher-tier counterparts, they still do a great job of assisting you in your quests and battles.


B Vision
B Ultron
B Donna Pots
B War Machine

C Tier

The companion characters here are average at best. Their stats and abilities do not match those of the characters in the higher tiers, but they are still good to use. These companions are decent to start with, so you should not have any worries whatsoever.

C Volstagg
C Danny Trever
C Kaya
C Skrag

D Tier

The D tier has characters that are not really good. They just find themselves making it above the worst tier in this list (the F tier) because of a few advantages. While we do not really recommend you to use them, they are fine to use if you are just starting out.

D Iron Legion Mark 15
D Erce
D Gord Flemming
D Uncorrupted Ultron
D Enhanced Ultron
D Bob

F Tier Companions in Marvel Future Revolution

As we mentioned earlier, the F tier features the worst companions in Marvel Future Revolution. We do not recommend you to use them at all. This is because they offer little in the form of support and assistance.

F Qilots
F Ryce
F Raran
F Gunner
F Gnor
F Luke Gallagher
F Redwest Parker
F Gary Clubb
F Bragmir

So there you have it. These are all the companions in Marvel Future Revolution compiled into a tier list. We hope you find this list helpful the next time you need to decide about which character’s assistance you want.

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