Grounded: Mant Boss Fight – Attack Pattern & Weakness

Know the attacking strategy and weakness of Mant in Grounded.

Get shrunken to the size of an ant and start your journey in the backyard. Hunt or get hunted in this survival game wherein you will encounter multiple creatures like bugs or ants. Some of these creatures are passive whereas some of them attack as soon as getting in contact with them. Further, these creatures can either be mini-bosses or bosses that get you rewards after defeating them. Mant is one such boss appearing in Grounded that gets you Raw Science after you defeat him in an aggressive battle. Check out this guide to know more about Mant in Grounded.

Mant Guide in Grounded – Attack Patterns, Weakness & Reward

Mant Boss in Grounded

Mant is a boss that appears in the Undershed Lab in the game blocking the way to Dr. Wendell Tully. He is the one who created Mant considering it his last hope of escaping his fate. Also, Mant is somehow similar to the Assistant Manager as he can be fought only once. Here’s everything you should do before entering into a fight with Mant in Grounded:

Attack Patterns

In order to understand Mant’s attacking strategy, we will break the entire sequence into three stages:

  • Stage 1 – Upon entering the arena with Mant inside it, he will instantaneously attack you due to his aggressive nature in Grounded. Firstly, he will only display three moves from this arsenal that includes a normal punch from the left, a vicious slam on the ground, and a 3 hit combo of punches.
  • Stage 2 – After reducing his health by almost 25%, he will slam his chest and scream to summon the Fire Worker Ants for help. This time, he uses two additional attacks that include a ranged Spore Bomb attack and 3x explosion attacks from his back.
  • Stage 3 – Thereafter, after reducing his health by almost 50%, he will summon Fire Soldier Ants for his help. The addition in his stage includes incoming web shots from the summoned Ants slowing you down. Meanwhile, Mant will try to hit you with his 3x combo attack. However, this time he may surprise you with a 4th punch in the series.

Keep in mind that the explosive attacks from Mant also damage the Ants summoned by him in Grounded.

Mant’s Weakness in Grounded

Here’s something that can cause damage effectively to the Mant:

  • Elemental WeaknessFresh is the Elemental Weakness of the Mant in Grounded. A Mint Mace is the weapon augmented with the Fresh Element. You can get it from BURG.L found in the Oak Lab.
  • Elemental Resistance – Apart from the Fresh Element, Salt and Spice are the other ones in the game. Salt Morning Star and Spicy Coaltana are the weapons augmented with these Elements against which, Mant has resistance in Grounded.
  • Also, keep in mind that Slashing and Stabbing attacks are the weaknesses of Mant:
Slashing Weapons Stabbing Weapons
Antlion Greatsword All Arrow Types
Black Ant Sword Bone Trident
Bone Dagger Mosquito Needle
Larva Blade Pebblet Spear
Pebblet Dagger Rusty Spear
Spicy Coaltana Stinger Spear
Spider Fang Dagger Tiger Mosquito Rapier
Tick Macuahuitl
Toenail Scimitar
Widow Dagger

That’s everything you should know about the Mant in Grounded. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other Grounded guides.