Grounded Mint Mallet Guide: How To Get The Mint Mace

Learn how to Get a Mint Mallet or Mint Mace in Grounded from this guide.

Grounded is a Survival Game where you and your friends play in the Micro world of Insects. Your Goal is to survive this tiny world till you can escape it & find out why you were Shrunk. To survive this Bug-Eat-Bug World, you will have to kit yourself with Tools, Resources & Weapons. One item that you will need is a Mint Mallet or better known as Mint Mace. The mouth freshening Mintsis what creates this powerful Weapon. In this guide, I will show you how to Get a Mint Mallet (Mint Mace) in Grounded.

How to Get a Mint Mallet or Mint Mace in Grounded

get mint mallet grounded

The Mint Mallet or Mace in Grounded is a Late game 2-Handed Weapon that deals a lot of Fresh Damage. It is a Giant Club crafted from a chunk of Ice Caps breath mints. Deals patented Mouthtown fresh damage on hit but useless for busting. It belongs under the Melee Tools Category & it’s a Tier III item. You can get a Mint Mallet or Mace in Grounded by crafting it in a Workbench with the following recipe:

  • 5 Mint Glob
    • 2 Mint Shards
      • Obtained from Buried Treasure
      • Obtained from Ice Cap Mint
    • Cool Tough Nugget
      • Sap
      • Spider Fang
  • 5 Flower Petal
    • Obtained from Hosta Plants in the Flower Bed
  • 10 Tough Gunk
    • Obtained by harvesting the Creatures found around the upper yard.

You will need to get these items and put them through their respective Workstations. The Mint Mallet or Mace is a powerful club that deals 5.5 Damage & 6 Stun but at a cost of 0.5 Speed. It falls under the Generic Type but can get a Damage augmentation to Fresh Damage type. The Mint Mace used to be called the Mint Mallet as it was the Best Weapon in that category, making certain tools like the Insect Hammer redundant.

This was all about how to Get a Mint Mallet or Mint Mace in Grounded. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like How to Get Clay in Grounded.