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Harvestella: How To Make And Upgrade Hammer

Here's a detailed guide on how to make and upgrade the hammer in Harvestella

In Square Enix’s real-life simulator Harvestella, there are a plethora of activities to do. One of the major features of the game is Farming. This activity will be introduced fairly early in the game and after completing the tutorial, Cres will indicate that you will need a hammer. So how do you get a Hammer? In this article, we will tell you how to make a Hammer and Upgrade it in Harvestella.


How to Make Hammer and Upgrade Hammer

Crafting a Hammer in Harvestella

Hammer is a craftable tool that can be used to break small rocks littered in the field. After completing the initial tutorial on planting seeds, Cres will inform you that you will need a Hammer to clear the field. Crafting is not available at this point of the game but you can gather the materials needed to make a hammer. You will need 10x Hard Stone to craft this tool. To gather these materials, you will have to head over to the Njord Steppe as informed by Cres. There, you will be introduced to the game’s combat system. Defeat the monsters, mine the Hard Stones, and return to your house. If you haven’t found the required amount of Hard Stone, then look around your house and the boundaries for more.

On the next day, the Mayor will introduce you to Crafting. Once this tutorial is complete, you can use the Crafting Table to make a Hammer in Harvestella. To do so:

  • Interact with the Crafting Table
  • Select the Hammer Recipe
  • Press the Create Button

And voila! Your hammer is ready to use. Take this hammer to your farm and strike the small rocks to break them. You will notice that you are not able to break the big rocks. To do so, you will have to upgrade the hammer to a higher tier.

To upgrade the hammer, you will have to progress to Quest 3C, by beating the Winter Dungeon. There, you will unlock the Earth Faerie, Shirii. By completing his Faerie Orders, you will be able to upgrade your hammer.


That’s all from us on how to make and upgrade the hammer in Harvestella. We have more helpful guides on the game like How to Make Money and Romance Candidates so check them out soon.