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All Harvestella Romance Characters Guide

Here's a list of all the Romance Characters that you can raise your relationship with in Harvestella.

Harvestella is out now, and it’ll surely make you fall in love with its characters. It is an RPG where you’ll come across various combat situations. In this adventure you’re also going to meet several characters with their back story, that’ll keep you engaged for hours. Recently the developers disclosed that in the game players will even get a chance to raise relationships. It’ll be more than a friendship, and can be considered a Partnership. Players will also be able to live with their partner and run into many romantic situations. In order to obtain this feature you simply have to progress in the character’s story and fulfill some requirements. As soon as you do that, you’ll be good to go. However, if you’re unaware of the Romance candidates you’ll run into in Harvestella, then we’re here to help.


List of Harvestella Romance Candidates

Here’s a list of all the Harvestella Male & Female romance candidates that you’ll get to raise your relationship with.

  • Asyl (Male)
  • Shrika (Female)
  • Emo (Female)
  • Aria (Female)
  • Istina (Female)
  • Heine (Male)

These are all the characters that can be your partner in the game if you play your cards right. If you want to know more about the romantic candidate then scroll down for some details.



Harvestella Romance Characters asyl

If you’re looking for an Honest and handsome partner, then Asyl might just be the right guy for you. He is an Argus Brigade member that lives in the town nearby spring Seaslight. Before being a member of the Argus Brigade, he was raised in an orphanage. To know more about him, simply progress through the story of his life and he’ll become your partner in no time.



Harvestella Romance Candidates Shrika

Another romance candidate in Harvestella is Shrika, a young lady who is a worshipper of the Seaslight. She tends to travel around and tries to resolve others’ problems & incidents. Don’t assume that this missionary as weak, she’ll use her blades of light whenever it’s needed. She can also be a perfect partner if you want her to be so.


Emo – Harvestella Romance Character

emo Harvestella

As of now, there’s not much to know about Emo apart from that she wants to reach Seaslight as soon as she can. However, she can always spare some time to get romantic with you. Emo is one of the most beautiful NPC characters you’ll find in the game. If you’re already looking for her, then you’ll mostly find her wandering in the Tavern of Shatolla.


aria Harvestella Romantic Character

Aria is a Scientist who came across some unpleasant accident, which caused her memory loss. But don’t worry now you are her roomie and can help Aria get her memories back. So without any further ado, dive into her story and make her your partner in the game.


istina harvestella

Istina can be your romance candidate in Harvestella but it might take a while. That’s because she’s not very open when it comes to showing emotions. However, she is new to Nemea Town and has started working as a teacher in the town’s orphanage.


heine Harvestella Romance Candidate

Heine is an inventor who likes to create new inventions but other than that he’s a pretty romantic guy. And will also flirt with you whenever he gets the chance to. If you’re looking for him then you’ll mostly find him in his workshop located in Shatolla.

This is all you need to know about the Harvestella Romance Candidates. While you’re here take a look at how you can Fish in the game.